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Top 10 Chocolate Candy Bars in America

Top 10 Chocolate Candy Bars in America

The 10 most successful chocolate bars/candies in American History.* Featuring some of the most popular classic advertising jingles. Everyone has their favorites…



49 Responses to “Top 10 Chocolate Candy Bars in America”

  1. Malachi Levy says:

    And almond joy

  2. Malachi Levy says:

    Twix! reply if you agree

  3. Christian 2981 says:


  4. BFOR BOTH says:

    Kitkat is the best

  5. Aadit Desai says:

    Ya twix should be #2 @MalachiLevy

  6. Lucas Jensen says:

    my favorite too! love snickers

  7. Boogie flames says:

    I thought this was about chocolate “bars”? Then wtf is m n m doing in the

  8. Colin Do says:

    Eww snickers? Replace that with twix

  9. pickneydem says:

    reese yuck!

  10. eddieisfiction says:

    in the US, its called Dove instead of Galaxy, and then instead of
    maltesers, we have whoppers.


    These are old commercials

  12. Pandrax HD. says:

    rofl bugs? GG that allot more east ma man. its funny because we have
    hersheys over here but its that full of shit its not allowed to be called
    chocolate =/

  13. EABCdotcom says:

    You guys should try Rolo!

  14. TheTwinTowers says:

    *Chocolate bars.

  15. EABCdotcom says:

    falcon6073, you suffer from bad chocolate (well, other than M&M’s.). Try
    Cadbury or Galaxy or Aero bars or something…

  16. M.C. Elie Calano says:

    Okay that’s it! Time to go to 7-Eleven!

  17. odinga tinga says:

    totally senseless discussion. tastes are different. I have no favorite one.
    I like them all. In germany there is one called “WUNDERBAR”. Its also
    filled with peanut butter which is something special in germany. But
    frankly everything tastes almost the same. Twix, Snickes, Mars, Kit Kat and
    so on. I prefer really expensive but way more better and high quality

  18. Maddie W says:

    um theres way more but she was only naming 10 stupid!

  19. falcon6073 says:

    No, of those 3, I much prefer the Baby Ruth. I like Snickers, Milky Way and
    3 Musketeers. 3 Musketeers is one of my favorites.

  20. EABCdotcom says:

    Lemme guess, you think Nestlé Crunch is the best? By the way, have you
    tried Snickers, Milky Way or 3 Musketeers? Do you like Mounds bars?

  21. mryjn420090 says:

    milky ways are snickers without nuts

  22. ahmed elsenussi says:

    my top 5 are 1-Maltesers 2-kinder Bueno 3-Galaxy 4-M&m 5-Mars

  23. SW71ful says:

    oh henry is the shit

  24. OriginalGreenGoblin says:

    This was all America had? Poor bastards…..

  25. CatfishMan43 says:

    Thought Twix would be on the list …

  26. Anjuli De Alwis says:

    6 n 4 🙁 i’d give anything for these and i mean anything…

  27. Teba Almuhanna says:

    And I thought a bar of snickers at safeway was expensive.

  28. Jennifer Martinez says:

    U got to love someone that much to buy a truffle chocolate for 1,200

  29. Abdul Mahdi says:

    Damn I wont even buy a chocolate for £3

  30. trina taylor says:

    Nice vid I like and suibe

  31. reece flack says:

    Wispa golds are 1 $ where I live
    Dose that mean if I buy 5 og them I can sell for

  32. David Elion says:

    Men kinder beats all

  33. SamOscarz21 says:

    Thanks for Watching!

  34. Ricky Salva says:

    That’s a fat rich lady candy lol

  35. SamOscarz21 says:


  36. VideoTblog says:

    like always

  37. SamOscarz21 says:


  38. King Power says:

    I would get the one that is 120

  39. Benjamin Auzimour says:

    Hi! I’m with Richart and wanted to thank you for having included us in your
    list, we’re honored! Heads up though: the box that’s featured, the Petits
    Richart Intense that showcases 49 different flavors is $67, not $120,
    unless you’d like to offer two boxes… Thank you again!

  40. xx000xx45 says:

    I have eaten no. 4

  41. SamOscarz21 says:

    Thanks for Watching!

  42. Justin Karan says:

    I wonder how the edible gold tastes

  43. fishingmaniac123 says:

    Hi! I love your videos!

  44. VideoTblog says:

    nice vid

  45. sophie123786 says:

    Nice video keep up

  46. Sanam Kler says:

    got the richart as a gift once… didnt know they were that expensive


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