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Belgian Chocolate Making

Belgian Chocolate Making


When you think of Belgium, the first thing that comes to mind is Chocolate. Mark Murphy learns all about the creation of the cacao confection from chocolatie…
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Making of a Gift Basket

Making of a Gift Basket

The making of our signature gift basket. Basket includes chocolate cabernet sauce, peanut brittle, 4 count truffle box, dark chocolate mints, coffee bits, ha…

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Lindor- Gaining Prominence in Chocolate Making!

Lindor- Gaining Prominence in Chocolate Making!

Including a signature line of Lindor Truffles Lindt makes a wide range of fine chocolates. Lindor Truffles feature crisp outer shells and creamy, rich fillings, they are available in milk chocolate, dark chocolate, white chocolate, peanut butter and stracciatella, which is a type of Italian gelato.

‘Every single detail counts when it comes to creating the finest chocolate’ with this motto Lindt & Sprungli generally known as Lindt, produces vast variety of rich enticing chocolates. Chocolate, of course, is the perfect food for introducing just about anyone to something new. Keeping this in mind Lindt produces several varieties of dark chocolate Excellence bars with different cocoa content. Lindt offers dark chocolate bars with 70, 85, 90 and 99 percent cocoa content. These Excellence bars with varying cocoa content have rich and complex character.

In creating the highest quality of dark chocolates, finest raw ingredients namely, cocoa butter, cocoa nibs, cocoa powder, sugar, preservatives and sometimes flavoring are manufactured to produce finest matters. The key ingredient in the Excellence bars is cocoa butter which not only provides a smooth conventional texture but also differs from the other chocolate paste. With the texture of cocoa butter, cocoa nibs and cocoa powder, these excellence bars are well documented with health benefits.

lindt lindor Excellence 70% is a harmonious blend of bitter and sweet experience. The rich cocoa content initially provides a slightly bitter taste but is later on well balanced with the hints of vanilla. A very intense character defines Excellence 85%, the mellowing cocoa butter richly blends the initial bitter taste of the dark cocoa content. This dark chocolate not only provides rich cocoa experience but also has hints of dried fruit, liquorices and tobacco as its earthly content. Powerful yet smooth character defines Excellence 90, with 90% cocoa content this dark chocolate has the touches of vanilla and woody flavors. Excellence 99% is the king of dark chocolates. With its high cocoa content the hints of cocoa nibs adds crunchiness which demands a very powerful experience.

Along with these regular dark chocolates, Lindt also expertise’s in the flavored dark chocolates namely: organic intense, chili and sea salt. Orange flavor with the crispy almond enveloped in rich cocoa nibs alternates the fine and bitter taste of chocolate, creating an unforgettable experience of Excellence Organic intense. Blended with finest dark chocolate and premium spices Excellence Chilli offers an intense melody of flavors. Excellence Sea salt provides an enticing experience of silky dark chocolate with the finest sea salt.

With the most innovative variety of dark chocolates amd enriching cocoa contents, it would be right to say that Lindt produces chocolates with the intention to stand out among the other chocolate producers. The dark, velvety cocoa content of the chocolate melts effortlessly and gently caresses all your senses providing an experience of excellence at par.


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Steps for Making Chocolate Covered Strawberries Plus a Few Melting Tips

Steps for Making Chocolate Covered Strawberries Plus a Few Melting Tips

Steps for Making Chocolate Covered Strawberries plus a Few Melting Tips

Come to think of strawberries and love lingers your mind that very moment. People have used these special fruits to symbolize love for many centuries. The use of chocolate to enhance the taste of the berry has brought something even more yummy and romantic. The chocolate covered strawberries are such a delicacy for lovers as well as family. Remember it does not have to be valentine to experiment with this wonderful flavor. If you are creative enough and loves cooking, you could use them to beautify cakes for any family occasions. Your dear ones will definitely enjoy it.

Depending on the number of people, that you wish to have a bite of the red berries, you may need to have these ingredients right in place. Purchase strawberry fruits ensuring that they have their stalks still attached. The number that you need depends on the servings. One would choose 20 – 60 pieces. In place too, you may have partially sweet chocolate and white chocolate well chopped. Now that you already have the most important parts for the job, you may consider some other added flavors like 1-2 tablespoonful brandy, coffee and ¾ cup of cream. These may not be a necessity but one may choose to have a variety of tastes. With these ingredients ready, you may start preparing your sweet chocolate covered strawberries at your own comfort.

First, you have to melt the chocolate. One may choose to do this in microwave bowls for a period of 1 minute; making sure that you do the two types separately. Ensure that you stir the russet, until it softens. If you do not have this machine, put the semisweet and white varieties of chocolate chips in two different bowls. Let some water boil in two separate saucepans under medium temperature until it boils then put off the heat. Dip the two bowls slowly in the water ensuring the water does not splash or enter in. let the chips melt until it liquefies. At this point, you may add cream and other flavors that you may please, and then stir the mixture until smooth. With the chocolate now ready, remove the bowls from the water and lay down a polished paper.

Pick one strawberry at a time holding it by the stalk, and then dip it in the darker type as you twist it a little until it is partly covered. Lift from the bowl and shake a bit to let down the excess. Place them on the paper as you repeat the whole process with all the rest. After the chocolate has settled, sprinkle the white chocolate over the berries to give them that unique beautification. This may be a form of art for those who love decorations. You are not limited to what extent of imagination you wish to try your piece of creativity. Now you are ready to put your chocolate covered strawberries to the test. Just let them cool down and harden. Serve them at the room temperature with any of your favorite drinks. Enjoy the great and unique flavor that will make your mouth water just at the mention of it.

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Martins Chocolatier Making Chocolate Decorations


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