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Sweet Chocolate Gift Baskets for Family and Friends

Sweet Chocolate Gift Baskets for Family and Friends

A lot of people have trouble finding the right present for their family members and friends. However the trouble will get worse in the case of finding a nice gift for folks they don’t know very well. Chocolate gift baskets are an excellent idea which you can choose for nearly anyone and everyone. Individuals of most ages love chocolates. They are inexpensive and can be stored for weeks and even months.

These chocolate gift baskets come in unique shapes and designs. So, you can pick a complicated reward basket for a company or corporate occasion or casual chocolate gift baskets if you find yourself going for a social get together. These chocolate gift baskets come in a wide range of shapes and sizes too. Hence, you can at all times discover a gift that fits your budget.

These chocolate gift baskets supply some very cute shapes and sorts of goodies too. As an example, in case you are not too certain what kind of chocolate does the receiver enjoys, you can go for an assorted chocolate present basket that has darkish, white and regular milk chocolate. Then you definitely may give goodies that have raisins, nuts, butterscotch, etc. One can even get a chocolate reward basket that has sweets with a sinful alcohol primarily based filling like rum or some fruity alcohol.

One of the best part of these chocolate gift baskets is that you always start off on a sweet note. You may take it for a formal event or even only a dinner at your boss’s home. A birthday gift baskets is suggested over a box of regular packed chocolates because it appears larger and in addition creates a more personal filling. An enormous bow or ribbon the on the top just completes the look. So, this holiday season make everybody smile with these chocolate gift baskets.

Phil O. Theall

If you would like supplementary information about Chocolate Gift Baskets or Birthday Gift Baskets ,swing by the Author’s web site directly!

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Over the Top Chocolate Gifts

MyRecipes Food Editor Holley Grainger shares her favorite Chocolate Gifts. Find all of these recipes and more on www.myrecipes.com.

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Chocolate Gift Baskets Make Great Gifts

Chocolate Gift Baskets Make Great Gifts

Looking for that perfect gift to give a client can be a a tough task. There are many options available. Gift baskets are very popular. Food related gifts are also a common item given as a way to say thank you or to show your appreciation. That being said, most people are tired of getting the typical generic food themed gift basked. There is only so much sausage, mustard, and crackers that one person can eat.

So, what would be a good alternative to the generic gift basket? Next time you are looking to say thank you, or show your appreciation, get them something special. A chocolate gift basket is a great choice when looking for a unique gift. Chocolate gift baskets come in a variety of sizes. There are also many choices when selecting that perfect basket to let someone know you care.

The chocolate gift baskets that are the most popular are ones that have many different types of chocolate treats. Many people in the United States prefer milk chocolate. However, dark chocolate items are also becoming increasingly popular. It is definitely recommended to choose a gift basket that has a mix of chocolate related items and don’t forget those white chocolate fans too!

The chocolate treats that you usually find in these gift baskets are always very tasty. Chocolate covered pretzels, truffles, and specialty nuts are very popular choices. Many companies include a good mix of items in the chocolate gift baskets to give the recipient lots of choices to choose from. Chocolate covered espresso beans can also be found in many gift baskets these days. Make sure that you choose a basket that includes many of these popular chocolate gifts.

Another great thing about chocolate gift baskets is that there is always a size to fit everyone’s budget. You can choose small baskets that cost less than $ 40 or you can choose large baskets that will cost over $ 100. The many choices make it an easy item to choose when looking for a gift to satisfy the chocolate lover.

It is always great to give a unique and impressive gift. A gift that will stand out from all the rest. Chocolate gift baskets are certainly the best choice. Food related gift baskets are fantastic but everyone gets the same thing. Be different. Let your gift shine. Let that person know how much you appreciate them with a chocolate gift basket. They will be sure to thank you for getting them a gift that will look beautiful and include lots of delicious chocolate treats that everyone will be sure to enjoy.

Styla Brite is a published author and product reviewer.

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Chocolate Gifts for Her

Chocolate Gifts for Her

Buying gifts is something that most of us like to do and receiving them we like even more. What we struggle with is when you have to buy a present for someone that is impossible to buy for. There are certain people that seem to have everything that they need so when it comes to deciding what you want to buy them it really is a tough decision.

The thing about buying gifts is that you want to be sure that you have got it right, so you could go for clothes but you cant be sure of the fit and size or even the style that they’ll like, you could go for a DVD but you don’t know if they already have it or not and other gifts are just as difficult.

Instead you want to look for a present that is slightly different. For example if you go for chocolates then you can be sure that they’ll be liked. There are some really beautiful chocolate gift sets that you can buy which help to make the perfect present.

If you feel that a chocolate gift set might be the right present for you then have a look for chocolate gifts online. This makes finding the perfect sweet treat present easy to find and easy to get your hands on. You don’t have to walk around the shops for hours in order to try and find the best present if you look for chocolate gifts online. Also looking in shops for chocolate presents can be a pain because there isn’t many that stock a large range of chocolates so by looking online you stand more chance of finding the perfect present.

Don’t be put off by the fact that it is just chocolates, because these gift sets can really be made into something special. There are different sets you can get made up with different types of chocolates which means that no matter their favourite types are, you’ll be able to find the perfect present for the person that you are buying for, meaning it will be something that they really love.

Women of all ages love chocolate and so any presents that include chocolate make the perfect Christmas gifts for her. A chocolate gift doesn’t necessarily have to be a simple box of chocolates from the local supermarket, however. Read on for some more original chocolate-themed gift ideas for her. We have many bars of chocolate which can be personalised for any occasion and any recipient. On a Christmas theme, we have the Spotty Santa Christmas Chocolate Bar, to which you can add up to three lines of text. Perfect for any age, this gift is an ideal stocking filler that will make its owner smile on Christmas morning. Other gifts for her which contain chocolate include the Hot Chocolate Tower Gift Set, which comes complete with a tall white ‘Chocolate’ mug, as well as everything else she needs to make a perfect hot chocolate drink.

Some other chocolate gift ideas for her which involve making the chocolate are the Master the Art of Chocolate Making gift set. This course of ten mini lessons will teach her everything she needs to know about the history of chocolate and how to make her own, and ends with a paper or online test culminating in a Master the Art of… Diploma. Having completed her course, she’ll be desperate to practise and put everything she’s learnt to good use, so a great addition to this present is one of Silicone Chocolate Moulds, available in heart or pig shapes. These moulds make up to 16 chocolates and are extremely easy to clean, either by hand or in the dishwasher. Their flexible nature also makes them really easy for getting the finished products out without breaking or squashing them.

If you want to combine chocolates with another gift, the Silver Heart Necklace comes with two delicious Rococo chocolates.

This contemporary heart necklace and chocolates come in an Alice in Wonderland style gift box with a card saying ‘Pull me’, to open and find this stunning gift. Together they are the ultimate Christmas gifts for her.

For the ultimate chocolate lover, check out the Choculator – a calculator in the style of a bar of chocolate. This gift even comes in realistic chocolate bar packaging – a purple sleeve and silver wrap – and even smells like chocolate too, making it a bit more fun to crunch those numbers. Another similar product we think is the ultimate in fun is the Willy Wonka case for the iPhone or iPod Touch. This silicone case resembles a bar of chocolate from the back, but also protects your phone and helps to stand it upright when in landscape.

Finally, for a sensual bedroom treat that will be a Christmas gift for both of you, we have various chocolate flavoured products in the Kama Sutra range. The Chocolate Crème Brulée Body Soufflé smells so good and is perfect for giving a romantic massage, meanwhile the Chocolate Body Paint will look, smell and taste so good that your partner will be good enough to eat – literally!

To know more about christmas gift visit For Her From You.

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Chocolate Chocolate Gifts, Designer Chocolates, Assorted Chocolates

Chocolate Chocolate Gifts, Designer Chocolates, Assorted Chocolates

Choco Swiss chocolates

Genius creates, and taste preserves. It is said that taste is the good sense of genius and without taste, genius is only sublime folly. Being the first company, to manufacture and market assorted designer chocolates in India, Choco-Swiss takes pride in producing mouth watering chocolates for the chocolate lovers in the country for over twenty years now.

Chocolate is a small luxury. It has so many things wrapped up in it: Deliciousness in the moment, childhood memories, and that grin-inducing feeling of getting a reward. Choco-Swiss specializes in manufacturing designer chocolates and offers customised chocolates in a variety of eye-catching shapes, flavours and mouth-watering fillings of nuts and creams The company’s main product is chocolate assortment boxes which are exquisitely designed and printed, comparable to international standards.

Utmost attention is paid to produce high quality chocolate with excellent value for money to the consumer. Our chocolates are largely used as gifts, by corporate sector and individuals, on every occasions.

Corporate Chocolates Gift

The ultimate chocolate gift for your valuable clients.

Multinational corporations such as Standard Chartered Bank, American Express, Foster’s, Lufthansa, Jet Airways, Air India , Corning, Indian Airlines, Hutch, Grasim, Blue Dart and IBM are using Choco-Swiss products that make great gifts in compared to traditional. Our corporate chocolate gifts are customized packed chocolates with your own company logos chocolates as per your own requirements can also be supplied.

This customized chocolates service is of particular importance to several five star hotel chains which have been serving Choco-Swiss chocolates to their guests as part of their room hospitality.


Chocolate making is not just a business for us, IT’S A PASSION!!! Choco Swiss chocolates are made by our master chocolatiers to bring out that intense chocolate taste that makes you yearn for more. The luster, shine and freshness of our chocolates are sure to bewitch your senses. With our extensive chocolate collection, we can create anything in chocolate that you can think of. Providing a clean and smooth taste of our chocolates, we are creating cream truffles, soft centred chocolates, exquisite shapes, nut clusters, liquor centers, chocolates for children and so many other varieties. Flavours include all time favourites from butterscotch and coffee to the exotic Tiramisu and Curacao. Our premium range chocolates are specially made from the finest ingredients imported from Belgium and many other parts of the world.

Chocolates for Occasions

We manufacture an exclusive range of chocolates for occasions which can be used for various different occasions. As a symbol of wealth and power, chocolates are the world’s greatest expression of taste, tradition and love. Go ahead, gift Chocolates and add a wonderful flavour to all your festivals and celebrations, as it can be enjoyed by anyone, will always make a statement. May it be a wedding, special family function, an occasion or you just want to gift someone special, Choco Swiss has chocolates for just about everything and everyone. They express your love and affection in the correct manner, and if it is Choco Swiss, you are sure to strike the right chord. Our customised chocolates and fascinating chocolate packaging turns your occasion into an event. Whatever may be the event Wedding, Christmas, New Year, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Birthdays, Diwali, Get-Well, Love You, Miss You, Thank You, It’s a boy, It’s a girl a taste of our crafted chocolates is all that is required for breaking the limits of entrancement. Our Chocolates are expressions of our passion and love.

Best Designer Chocolates

Best quality Chocolate is the benchmark for our creations. Our endeavor has always been to offer of the finest quality chocolates, outstanding tastes and flavors. Our Chocolates are sure to catch the fancy of the beholder. Our portfolio includes different kind of chocolates like Carnival, Euro, Magic, Chocollicious, Milk Valley, Gloriette, Choco Animal, Chelsea, Jungle Book, Evita, Claire, Jingles, Kracko, Loverly, Lilliput, Marble Arch, Sporty, Thousand Lights, Really Nice.

So what are you waiting for? Plan out an extremely delicious chocolate surprise for your dear ones by our unique range of mouth watering and yummy chocolates. For order and other details visit http://www.chocoswis.com.

Choco-Swiss of Buttercup Confectionery Ltd., New Delhi, India is the leading manufacturer and supplier of market assorted designer chocolates, customised chocolates, chocolates for occassions, corporate chocolates, soft-centered choclates, nut chocolates, chocolate gifts and other new varieties of chocolates. . SEO services provided by Jigney Bhachech, CEO, Opal Infotech, India.

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Chocolate Candy Gift Basket – A Tasty and Easy Gift Guide

by: Korbin Newlyn

One of the nicest gifts you can give, or receive, is a chocolate candy gift basket. Whether you’re attempting to find a gift for a wedding, searching for the perfect anniversary present, or if you can not seem to find the perfect item to take along to the office Christmas party, you are sure to find a gift basket that has the desserts that everyone would want.

Personalize For That Special Effect

The basket can be individualized to contain all a person’s favorite types of treats, and there are so many low-cost options. Here are some of the things you will wish to include in whatever chocolate candy gift basket you might be giving away.

Because you you have the ability to customize the basket in in the majority of cases, you should include the recipient’s favorite items, such as colors, objects, as well as candy flavors will all play an important part in your decision.

If the person’s who is getting the gift favorite color is purple, you can request that the basket be lined in purple fabric, or that the box that the chocolates come in have purple trim. You also can include other items inside the basket, such as red grapes or wine to preserve the ‘purple’ theme.

If you are aware that your loved one likes dark chocolate, try to include as many varieties of this kind of chocolate as you possibly can, and make sure that the presentation is elegant and classy. You can also include other food items that might be layered with dark chocolate, such as strawberries or popcorn, as well as chocolate treats that are decorated with sweet toppings such as caramel or coconut.

Complimentary Items

A chocolate candy gift basket can also have items that go well with chocolate, such as champagne or cheese. There are several companies that will pair the best types of cheese, wine or champagne up with your loved one’s favorite chocolates, and larger gift baskets will make a terrific spread at a party or small gathering. You can check out sites on the internet to find out which pairings you need to pay particular attention to, and which basket presentations would be suitable for the person you are giving the gift to.

While you can order your chocolate candy gift basket over the internet, you can visit places such as Godiva to tailor-make your basket, and to get a taste of all the exceptional chocolates that will be included within your basket.

You can even check out discount department stores like Wal-Mart and Target for unique gift basket ideas, in addition to some candy making tips that you an use to create your own gift basket. All you’ll need is a basket at the size you want, gift paper, ribbons, and all the chocolate you want.

Listen to Korbin Newlyn as he shares his insights as an expert author and an avid writer in the field of fine foods. If you would like to learn more go to Chocolate Molds advice and at Chocolate Fondue tips.


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