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“Ephemere” Truffle Crèmes in Double Dark Chocolate

Amazon Price: $43.58 $43.58 (as of February 12, 2018 6:49 pm – Details). Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on the Amazon site at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.

“Ephemere” Truffle Crèmes in Double Dark Chocolate – 10oz Gift Box – by Dilettante (3 Pack).

Named from the word “ephemeral,” describing a brief, heavenly experience of intense pleasure, our Ephemere Truffle Crèmes are a gourmet, silky-smooth slice of chocolate heaven. Dilettante’s signature dark chocolate Ephemere ganache is made with caramelized cream and sugar then coated with rich dark chocolate for a double dark chocolate delight. The truffles are so soft and smooth they will melt in your mouth. Here is what one satisfied customer had to say: “The first bite into this truffle was enough to put this right up in my all-time favorite top 5 dark chocolates list. From soft texture of truffle créme to full bodied taste of melting dark chocolate, it was absolutely phenomenal. It exceeded my expectations and I am now looking forward to tasting other flavors. I would totally recommend this to my friends!” – Jennifer Cava At Dilettante, our priority is creating high-quality, delicious products. Because of our dedication to the extraordinary, all of our gourmet chocolates are made with the finest ingredients. You’ll never find fillers or artificial additives in Dilettante chocolates. Our Ephemere Truffle Crèmes are made from a special family recipe. Premium quality dark chocolate is used along with pure, natural ingredients such as sweet sugar and rich cream. That’s why Dilettante chocolates, made in the Pacific Northwest, are a Seattle favorite. Every Ephemere Truffle Crème is a confectionary masterpiece! These delicious chocolate morsels are individually wrapped in foil and beautifully packaged in a brown colored, 10 ounce gift box. Share these silky smooth chocolate truffles with friends and family or keep them to yourself for a sweet indulgence. Your order will include THREE boxes of Ephemere Truffle Crèmes, 10 ounces per box. We will ship the boxes of chocolates direct to you from our warehouse.

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Box of Chocolates

Box of Chocolates – Video

An animated short about a little raccoon who never knows what he’s gonna get. Happy Valentine’s Day! Love, Husband Wife. Create…
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Various Forms of Gourmet Chocolates

Various forms of Gourmet chocolates

There are a wide variety of Gourmet chocolates available in the market which can be a treat to eat for the chocolate lovers. The hot chocolates are one of the most sought after drink especially for the chocolate lovers. The best form of consuming the hot chocolate is to add milk, cream or water which will make it more tasty and drinkable.

The most famous types of gourmet chocolates which are highly sought out across the globe and are most favored among chocolate lovers are discussed in this article. One of the most famous Gourmet chocolate is L.A. Burdick Dark Hot Chocolate are one of the biggest chocolate makers of the world. They are equally good in preparation of chocolate candies and also hot chocolate drinks. The best preparation is the Godiva Dark chocolate which is liked by all individuals of all ages. It tastes very luscious and can give you ultimate satisfaction after its consumption.

It has always proved to be a real treat for all chocolate lovers. The second is Vosges La Parisienne Couture Cocoa which manufactures wonderful hot chocolates containing chillies, Mexican vanilla beans and cinnamon. The third is Mary Belle Aztec Original Hot Chocolate which is famous for her dark hot drinking chocolates. The vessels of these hot dark chocolates are labelled with Aztec Hot Chocolate. Fourth come the Dagoba Hot Drinking Chocolate. This is renowned as the best organic chocolate and has a very pleasant chocolaty taste. Lake Champion Old World Hot Chocolate is also very much liked by the chocolate and Gourmet Food lovers. They produce six very unique kinds of hot chocolates which has a charm of its own. The cocoa content in these dark chocolates is around 54% but they are usually very dark in colour.

Just like molding chocolate and Gourmet Hot chocolates, Bonnat are also much liked variety among chocolate lovers and they come in a lot of varieties satisfying the sense of taste of its various consumers. Cinnamon roll is one of the most liked Gourmet milk chocolates which are prepared out of buttery cinnamon and pure sugar icing. And then it is cased with milk chocolate. Hazelnut cream is another popular variety which is made out of hazelnut and a delicious filling of milk chocolate gives it a very good taste. Peanut butter and jelly is a variety which is also liked by millions of chocolate lovers across all ages. It is prepared out of fresh strawberry jam and creamy peanut butter coated with a Swiss milk chocolate which tastes wonderful. Peanut butter banana is also liked by many. This is made out of fresh banana peanut butter and milk chocolate and it tastes really good.

Russ Murray is the owner of this website and writes articles for his own website. For further Details about Lake Champlain chocolate and e guittard please visit the website.

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Life is Like a Box of Chocolates

Forrest sharing his wisdom.
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Most Favored Chocolates

Most Favored Chocolates

Some Well Known Chocolate Producers

To put chocolate in boxes in prospective. Whitman’s very first sold its candy inside the box form still seen today during the late 1800’s. A few of the renowned chocolate producers in no particular order of reputation which do not usually create bulk chocolates like Hersey’s does are Teuscher produced since 1932; Godiva produced in Belgium since 1926, Neuhaus manufactured in Belgium and Thornton’s made in Britain. Lindt is made in Switzerland and one of the popular US bulk candies manufacturers is Ghirardelli and of course there is Hersey’s which actually may be the US’s earliest chocolate producer.

Chocolate Bars

During the year 1847 the very first chocolate bars became available in solid shape when this particular kind had been conceived. Quite a few of the bulk candies can be purchased that had been created many years ago for example the ones that appeared ever since the 1850s when there had been over 400 sweet factories in the us. There aren’t near that amount currently but bulk chocolates are extremely well-liked to eat in America. There are lots of well-liked varieties of chocolate bars sold all over the world.

Cacao In Chocolate Bars

When you speak about bulk chocolates you have to think about exactly what constitutes a particular chocolate. In a chocolate lover’s parlance fine chocolate is great smelling, stylish with a splendid taste. Whenever a company creates upscale chocolate bars which may not really be considered bulk candies they have the choice of three different cacao trees for the cacao beans. The the very least used which actually simply makes up about 1 percent of the chocolate production is Criollo which is grown in the Amazon rainforests and considered to be a fine, complex flavoured producing bean. The most common cacao originates from the Forastero from West Africa and South America and it is extremely strong in flavor. The next variety is a crossbreed of the two types known as Trinitario and it is very flavorful.

Making Chocolate

When making bulk candies from the cacao bean first the producer must roast the beans then they husk and grind the cacao nibs into a paste. Sugar is included to the bulk chocolates that makes up the concoction which is combined in a machine that gets rid of any acids or other unwanted flavors and the mixture ends up having a smooth texture. The mix will then be made into various chocolate forms such as chocolate bars along with other types of chocolate candies. Often chocolate producers just place the chocolate mixture and then make the candies with that.


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diAmano Atlanta Chocolates & Gift Baskets

http://www.diAmanoFineChocolates.com – Atlanta Chocolate – diAmano is your source for fresh & delicious handmade Atlanta Chocolates. We are your local Atlant…
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Best Gourmet Chocolates

Best Gourmet Chocolates

Chocolate is not only a delicious food for self consumption, but also a delicate gift to liked by all age groups. It is one confectionery that’s loved by almost all & sundry and yet many get perplexed while considering confection brands. Sometimes they don’t know of the brands and sometime the brands they know are not available.

Here’s my selection of best chocolate brands that delights our senses with their soft, luscious, delectable taste always.

Godiva: The gourmet-chocolate seller makes some of the amazing chocolates that are rich, intense, silky and super delicious. The assortment offers a combination of Milk, Dark, White Chocolates, Milk with Caramel/Almonds, and Dark Chocolate with Raspberry etc. The assortments are designed with great care for the connoisseurs of milk chocolates. It also produces seasonal and limited-editions with special packaging for all major celebrations.

Hershey’s: Besides being one of the most luxurious & successful brand of chocolates, Hershey’s is one of the oldest companies in the United States and has become an American icon. Hershey’s produces large variety of chocolates which includes Milk Bars, Milk with Almonds, Dark Chocolates, Extra Creamy Chocolates & Caramels, and much more. The range also offers miniatures collection, nugget chocolates, malted milk balls, peanut butter & milk among the plethora of options.

Guylian: The finest Belgian chocolates available! Indulgent, rich and perfect dessert for a delightful dining pleasure. Guylian are most famous for their range of sea shells, with its variety of praline filling. It’s claimed that these Belgium chocolates are of handmade nature, which makes them very unique. The Guylian confectioneries come in 4 flavours with different pralines.

Lindt: The premium Swiss confection brand is characterized by a hard chocolate shell and delicate, smooth, luscious chocolate fillings. It comes in various flavours like milk, raspberry, mint, orange, hazelnut, mocha etc; and wrapper colours like red, blue, black, pink, green, orange and more. Lindt is also famous for their block chocolates with various fillings & infusions of caramel, almonds, cherry, strawberry, vanilla, mandarin, toffee crunch and more.

Ferrero chocolates: Produced by the Italian chocolatier Ferrero SpA, the chocolates are simply delicious. The most famous is the Ferrero Rocher type which is the spherical chocolate sweet made of whole roasted hazelnut encased in a thin wafer shell filled with hazelnut cream and covered in milk chocolate and chopped hazelnuts and walnuts. Besides that, it also produces boxed collections of mixed types like Ferrero Rondnoir (a ‘pearl’ of dark chocolate), Ferrero Raffaello (a half almond, surrounded by meringue and milk cream, encased in coconut wafer coated with coconut flakes), Ferrero Garden (it comes in variety of fillings and flavours like lemon, strawberry, raspberry, pistacchio, almonds, hazelnuts etc) and Ferrero Giotto (a chocolate cream).

Duc d’O: This again is a well-renowned, coveted Belgium brand of chocolates whose pralines, sea shells, truffles are of enviable quality. It’s a kind of compound candy in three different tastes & flavours – milk, white and black chocolates. The chocolates are produced with great care and craftsmanship that seduces the sweet lovers with their pure flavours and delightful quality.

The high-end/gourmet confectionery segment is in great demand as consumers love to splurge on these indulgences. Next time it’s your turn for gourmet chocolate indulgence!

Contributes articles on shopping, travel retail & lifestyle. A lot of these brands are available at duty free shops. You can check Delhi Duty Free chocolate section to find more.

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Lillie Belle Farms – Handmade Artisan Gourmet Chocolates

Lillie Belle Farms creates nationally praised handmade artisan (gourmet) chocolates using all Organic ingredients grown on the LB farm. Check us out at www.L…
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Get to Taste Unique Belgian Chocolates and Give a Treat to Taste Buds with French Chocolates

Get to taste unique Belgian chocolates and give a treat to taste buds with French chocolates

Chocolates are manufactured at different places around globe. People want to have a classic experience by having some mouthwatering chocolates that are available around world.

Chocolate, just by name can bring water in mouth of a person. There are various places across the world that are specially known for the quality of chocolates that they manufacture. Switzerland is world renowned for its chocolates and people come from all across world, not just to have a good vacation but also to have a go for chocolates that are made in Switzerland. Apart from Switzerland, many more places are known for making excellent chocolates for consumption.

Belgian chocolate companies are known for making wonders with chocolates and nuts. There are different chocolate making companies in Belgian that are known for their varieties of chocolates. “Cote d’Or” is a giant chocolate making company is Belgian. They are known for producing chocolate that are of bold taste, as cocoa beans that are used in making these chocolates are wonderful and of good quality that is taken from Ghana. More companies in Belgian known for producing good quality and tasty chocolate bars and gift hampers are also there. French chocolate is known for its sweetness and softness. A French chocolate melts in mouth like silk as it is made of soft chocolate and use of milk is there. “Cacao Barry”, “Pralus”, “Valrhona” are some names of chocolate industry known across whole universe.

German chocolate companies are known for producing organic chocolates by using different organic material that is good for health.

“SCHOKINAG”, “VIVANI”, “DIVINE” is some popular German chocolate making companies that are at service of making variants of chocolates over 150 years. Organic products are mostly used in making these chocolates. No extra-added preservatives are used in making some chocolates that make them popular among everybody and it is recommended by doctors for its various health benefits. Switzerland also known as chocolate place has various brands of chocolates that are present in there.

Lindt chocolate is a brand and company that is into making some delicious mouthwatering chocolates. Lindt chocolate is into service from 1845 and since then they are known for producing chocolate delicacies. There are different varieties of chocolate bars and candies that can be found with Lindit. There are even chocolate baskets available with Lindit to be given as gifts. One can find Milk, Dark and White chocolates with Lindit.

There are various stores from where a person can purchase Belgian chocolate, German chocolate and French chocolate as they are best gifting options for any type of occasion or party. People can even find these chocolates at various online stores and can purchase them as per their needs and requirements.

Russ Murray is the owner of this website and writes articles for his own website. For further Details about Belgian chocolate and German chocolate please visit the website.

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Life Is Like A Box Of Chocolates? Salon du Chocolat

Life Is Like A Box Of Chocolates? Salon du Chocolat

There are many philosophies on life, none quite so humble and effortless as the famous “Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re going to get.” spoken by Tom Hanks in the 1994 movie Forrest Gump, written by Winston Groom and Eric Roth. The belief that “life is like a box of chocolates” was more literally interpreted, also in 1994, with the introduction of Salon du Chocolat. Translated from French to mean “Salon of Chocolate,” Salon du Chocolat is a five-day long, annual, international chocolate themed trade show. Previously held in Paris, New York, Tokyo, Moscow, and Beijing, this year’s festival was hosted in Shanghai, China. There are many aspects of the show for tourists and visitors to enjoy. This year’s edition featured more than 400 participants including: exhibitors, cocoa producers, international chocolatiers and master chiefs and of course, the chocolate dress parade.

The Experience

There’s something kind of wonderful about chocolate that brings sugary treats and the creative arts together. The Salon du Chocolat has more sweets than you can even imagine under one roof. Long tables gridded with bit-sized gourmet chocolate creations draw a large crowd. Each chocolate individually decorated and eagerly waiting to be placed inside chocolate gift boxes. Innovation is the motive for every exhibit: a chocolate sculpture of a woman kneeling upon a pile of cocoa beans, chocolate bars in every flavor imaginable and a seemingly never-ending rainbow of macaroons. An array of chocolate-theme recipe books were available and fresh produce to accompany the diverse flavors of chocolate variety.

No choco-holic was leaving without a bundle of unique, contemporary chocolate gift boxes. Nearing the end of October, the Salon du Chocolat is definitely the place to be.

Chocolate Fashion Show

Arguably the most breath-taking element to the event is the chocolate fashion show. Some edible items from the show included: a larger-than-life hoop skirt dress made out of chocolate, a model strutting down the cat walk inside a human-sized chocolate bird cage and in the New York show, a New Years themed outfit was shown off, chocolate top hat and all. Martin Howard, a chocolate themed fashion pro recalls, “Last year, for the 70th anniversary of ‘The Wizard of Oz,’ I made a big Wicked Witch hat out of chocolate and Dorothy’s ruby slippers out of white chocolate. We also used white chocolate to make a yellow brick road background and to reconstruct Emerald City. Another year I made a Bat-girl dress and giant wings out of chocolate for a model. Then I made chocolate guns for other models posing as villains. That was a true performance piece.”

Chocolate lover or not, anyone would enjoy this very unique, feel-good festival Allowing the world to find a common bond in chocolate is just delightful. And while the interpretation of “life is like a box of chocolates” takes a more literal stance at the Salon du Chocolat, it feels more like falling into a great, big chocolate gift boxes and never wanting to come out.

To learn more about CHOCOLATE GIFT BOXES go to: http://www.joshearlycandies.com/chocolate-gift-box



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