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Chocolate Truffle Recipe Tutorial Demonstrations

Jordan Winery’s baker extraordinaire, Cristina Valencia, returns to show tips and techniques for making the perfect chocolate truffle. Cristina teaches you h…

Chef Eddy Van Damme shares his decadent chocolate truffle recipe. In the Kitchen series from Imperial Sugar and Dixie Crystals.

43 Responses to “Chocolate Truffle Recipe Tutorial Demonstrations”

  1. 71carol says:

    What a nice, useful video!!!

  2. chrissytinaa25 says:

    This was so informative! Thank you! 

  3. justpar2012 says:

    Keep this girl!!

  4. mountaingirl1995 says:

    Hi! Can I use chocolate chips instead of the organic disks you have there?
    thank you!!

  5. Crystal Liu says:

    i dont have a thermometer

  6. Jordan Vineyard & Winery says:

    Lorenso, you can use any kind of cream. It does not have to be Strauss or
    Clover. -Cristina

  7. Jordan Vineyard & Winery says:

    Robert, the recipe says for every amount of alcohol you must subtract equal
    amount of cream. For example, if the recipe calls for 3 ounces of cream and
    you want to add 1 ounce of liquor then add 1 ounce of liquor and 2 ounces
    of cream. You need to add the alcohol after you mix the cream with
    chocolate. -Cristina

  8. Jordan Vineyard & Winery says:

    Josie, you should wait until your truffles are cooled and hardened all the
    way before refrigerating them. If you refrigerate while they are still
    somewhat warm they cool too fast and can crack and the filling can leak
    out…a streaking on the chocolate can also happen. -Cristina

  9. jdugena says:

    what kind of cream?????

  10. jdugena says:

    can i use canola oil instead of butter?

  11. Rashmi Lalvani says:

    Did you use Metal rulers to shape the firm ganache and how high?

  12. bigjwiz says:

    I think im in love with christina…….

  13. Evaughn Elliott says:

    Video is informing but her voice is sooo irritating

  14. Khadijah Ahmad says:

    i love it!

  15. josie tang says:

    When you have a finished truffle still cooling, can you put it in the
    fridge or will it affect the shine, etc

  16. Keith Li says:


  17. Natsuki Kuga says:

    Where can we purchase these creams and chocolate? I live in Louisiana . can
    we order them online or can you recommend easy to find chocolate and cream?
    And could we use food colouring?

  18. Lorenso Lavina says:

    Some one ask what type of cream did you use, you said.. Straus Family
    Creamery, what other cream can I use to make truffles, because the cream
    you use is cannot be seen here in the Philippines. Thanks!! 🙂

  19. computersolutions164 says:

    YUM !

  20. Jordan Vineyard & Winery says:

    Yes. Michael’s or Sur La Table should have them.

  21. latina305mami says:

    I wish the camera guy had focused when she was showing certain things

  22. Brian Ripp says:

    Those aren’t truffles, those are bon-bons! Truffles have to be hand rolled.

  23. Robert Smith says:

    I have to say this is the best tutorial I’ve seen yet. I have a question. I
    want to make the ganache part of the truffle using Maker’s Mark Bourbon. My
    question is how much bourbon should I add to the cream or is it whatever I
    want to make it more bourbony tasting? Should I add it when the cream is
    boiling or after when when mixing in the chocolate? I want to learn because
    we’ve been buying Maker’s Mark truffles for a while and it’s rather costly
    and I’m looking into making my own. Thanks.

  24. Jordan Vineyard & Winery says:

    You’re welcome.

  25. Steven Boudreaux says:

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  26. Charok1 says:

    Where’s the fungus?

  27. filip kolev says:

    Thank you 🙂

  28. Ashleyxlove says:

    not a great video

  29. tracey cross says:

    Mine came out perfect. They were so good. Will be making again soon.

  30. talkingfriendsrule says:

    What i like about these is their soft from the inside snd hard from out

  31. Ngan Trinh says:

    what common supermarket can i buy the 6 ounce bar of high quality chocolate
    with cocoa extent ? I’ve been going to target walmart food4less and they
    dont have it!

  32. Michael Warwavesyn says:

    Sorry but this recipe never sets as it does in the video. I believe
    something is wrong in this video.

  33. Fro Joe says:

    this don’t look like french fungus to me

  34. kawaiikowai08 says:

    Pretty! 🙂

  35. Ngan Trinh says:

    do i have to order it online ? or get it at some baking supply place ?

  36. hellowordoo says:

    it is a great vid 🙂

  37. juna66661 says:

    حلو كمان لذيذ

  38. Lexiathena says:

    I made them they were amazing

  39. Jannah Faye Ferry says:

    thank you so much for making this video, now I can make chocolate truffles
    for my best friend ^__^

  40. sophielofa says:

    These look soooo niiceeeee 🙂

  41. ramonsalarda says:

    That looks so good.I

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