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Beer Review: Samuel Smiths Organic Chocolate Stout

Beer Review: Samuel Smiths Organic Chocolate Stout

Beer Review # 1336 Samuel Smiths Organic Chocolate Stout

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44 Responses to “Beer Review: Samuel Smiths Organic Chocolate Stout”

  1. iamwhatiseem1 says:

    I am surprised you liked this one. I bought one of these no kidding last
    night. My wife and I both thought it was terrible. To me it tasted like
    artificial chocolate…like cheap chocolate. I want a chocolate stout to
    still taste like beer, this does not. However we are going to use it to
    make pancakes. You should try that sometime…use less milk and replace it
    with stout beer. Awesome.

  2. Bucky75 says:

    Very nice review. I do enjoy Samuel Smiths Beers. 

  3. Jarred Morris says:

    Glad you liked it buddy! Hope Charlotte enjoyed it as well. Definitely the
    best Organic beer on the market!

  4. JasonAdam719 says:

    Can you elaborate on why this would be a “chick beer.” And what constitutes
    a “chick beer?”

  5. Brews UnderReview says:

    Yorkshire Stingo is at least 8% abv 

  6. ScCrash26 says:

    Best “organic” beer I’ve had by far.

  7. Mike Hoover says:

    You should sue budweiser for the title King of beers

  8. superflyjsc says:

    Being that it’s a low abv and very thin, this was more like chocolate water
    to me than a stout

  9. barrett cowart says:

    Going down to TotalWine & More today going to see if they have this one i
    hope or the limited Stone Imp Stout and some Old Rasputin 😉 Thanks for the
    review as always Sir.

  10. makattak88 says:

    Always enjoy your reviews Greg. Keep it up!

  11. Jeff LRat says:

    Cant really go wrong with any Samuel Smith beers. Killer brews.

  12. adj789 says:

    The best chocolate stout!

  13. John Gilbert says:

    very recently, in one sitting i tried this beer, the left hand milk stout
    and the youngs double chocolate and i’d have to say, of the three i prefer
    the young’s because it finishes a bit dry in comparison. cheers!

  14. Dane Hill says:

    Hi Greg,
    Great review as always. I saw that my local grocery store carried Samuel
    Smith and I decided to pick up the Oatmeal Stout. Needless to say I was not
    disappointed. Very very tasty beer! If I can get my hands on the Chocolate
    Stout I will definitely get it. Cheers!

  15. Will Harrell says:

    Great review as always, Greg! One of my favorite chocolate stouts.

  16. Rich M says:

    Its not bad in the English style. A bit to be desired in the complexity
    area. I prefer the Founders breakfast stout as my staple stout. Greg, have
    you had Founders Imperial Stout? I didn’t see your review for it on here. I
    just got a few of them yesterday. Your Three Floyds are coming my friend!

  17. bumfromph says:

    Great review of a great beer, Greg! From what I heard, this was supposed to
    be a one-off brew [it first turned up in the autumn of 2012], but during
    that time it ended up becoming Sam Smith’s all-time best seller in the USA,
    so they decided to make it a permanent part of their beer roster. They
    would have been crazy NOT to!

  18. markk83125 says:

    Found this at a Hy Vee (grocery store) of all places.

    I’ve never been much of a beer drinker but recently started trying some
    higher quality brews and this one was a pleasant surprise. None of the
    nasty bitterness I’ve gotten from the more common domestic beers I’m used

  19. matt w says:

    This stout is a real treat

  20. Jason Peak says:

    Good review…this is definitely my favorite chocolate stout. Young’s
    Double Chocolate Stout is my second favorite, but the difference between
    the two is night and day. Young’s is unsweetened dark chocolate where this
    is semi-sweet. Funny thing is, I’m not a fan of sweetness in beers except
    for lambics and, apparently, chocolate stouts. Samuel Smith’s Organic
    Chocolate Stout definitely has that “yum” factor.

  21. Royal nash says:

    i prefer rogues mocha porter over youngs double chocolate stout

  22. phdinowning says:

    Just thought you should know, that I watch your videos almost religiously.
    I’m in University and your videos make for absolutely perfect background
    noise when I do work. I get to learn about beer and get my work done.
    Thanks for the quality content, cheers!

  23. VideoBeerReviews says:

    I haven’t seen Westbrook here in Atlanta yet but I’ll be sure to look for

  24. Jordon Lane says:

    How do this one compare to the Young’s or the Rouge chocalte stouts?

  25. VideoBeerReviews says:

    Hmm, I’ve never heard that before. One thing’s for sure, I definitely can’t
    throw a football like him! Cheers!

  26. Beer Drank Shawty says:

    I’m a HUGE fan of Samuel Smith’s Oatmeal Stout… What bottle shop do you
    mostly purchase your crafts from?? I’m metro Atlanta as well, love Total
    Wine out in Kennesaw..

  27. VideoBeerReviews says:

    Total Wine, Tower, and Greene’s are my 3 primary stops. I also get over to
    Ale Yeah and Hop City every once in a while, but they are a little out of
    the way for me.

  28. doobdoob2 says:

    Off topic, but you kind of look like matt ryan a little.

  29. VideoBeerReviews says:

    Thanks for watching!

  30. SouljaSaia17 says:

    I dont remember ever seeing that beer in the Sam Smiths collection, so its
    either new or I must have missed it.

  31. CR7CRAKA says:

    Give this your highest rating dammit. I mean, if this doesn’t get the
    highest rating, what will?

  32. VideoBeerReviews says:

    I think this one is a little better than both but they are all very good
    beers. Hard to go wrong with any of them.

  33. matthew andersen says:

    I just tried this one, wow probably going to be a favorite.

  34. LJPpro says:

    well said..that’s exactly how i felt about it.

  35. VideoBeerReviews says:

    It is definitely all about the chocolate with this beer, that’s for sure!

  36. VideoBeerReviews says:

    I have a “Friday Photo Share” each week on the photography channel in which
    I’ll discuss some of my images as well as other viewers.

  37. Josh Wofford says:

    Bought a four pack and initially, I thought it was decent but I just can’t
    get over this artificial sweetener flavor at the end of the sip. I know
    it’s says it’s all natural ingredients but it sure doesn’t taste like it. i
    should have picked up the oatmeal stout like I had planned in the first
    place but I saw this and had to try it. I think i’d prefer that it happen
    to taste like chocolate than it deliberately having chocolate products and
    flavorings added. cheers

  38. Blake starrenburg says:

    Pertaining to the picture, I feel that it is a modern take on a classical
    setting. I know this is the beer Channel, but I think it would be neat if
    once a week you put up some of your favorite pictures as a video/slideshow.

  39. Luis M Navar says:

    I had this beer two weeks ago and I kinda liked it. It was a bit too sweet
    for me. If I want sweet chocolate I will drink Organic Chocolate Soy Milk
    hehe…I prefer Young’s Double Chocolate Stout instead…I guess it’s a
    matter of taste. I will drink it again though. Samuel Smiths makes
    excellent beer.

  40. Drdoncombs says:

    If you like chocolate stouts, (Sweet Chocolate that is) your gonna have to
    try/review the “Southern Tier: Choklat Imperial Stout” I’ll tell anybody
    who’ll listen that this is my #1 Choc. Stout. Granted, I like sweet
    chocolate way more than dark chocolate/coffee. It’s almost like Hershey
    syrup liquer. I’d buy it over “Stone Russ. Imp. Stout 9 times out of 10.
    Although, like most Southern Tier brews, it is very extreme in it’s
    ventures. Meaning, if it says___, expect EXTREME __!! Cheers -Don-

  41. Blake starrenburg says:

    On the photography channel

  42. Gcow55 says:

    Great review as always! This is another great beer by Samuel Smith’s, but I
    was a little let down by it. The taste is delicious and the chocolate was
    very authentic tasting, unlike a lot of beers brewed with chocolate.
    However, to me, it to be a bit too one-dimensional. The chocolate was just
    a little too overpowering on the nose and taste, and blocked some of the
    other quality flavors and aromas to come through. I wish the sweetness was
    balanced out with some more roasted and bitter flavors.


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