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Chocolate Kiss Roses – Gift Ideas For Kids

Chocolate Kiss Roses – Gift Ideas For Kids

Chocolate Kiss Roses - Valentine's Day (Mother's Day) Gift Ideas For Kids

Why buy boring roses for Valentine’s day, when you can make these cute little chocolate Kiss roses !?!?! This is a very inexpensive craft that you can give t…

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Chocolate on Valentine’s Day

Chocolate on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day, the day of the lover, the celebration of love is a festival celebrated by people around the world. There is misconception that the Valentine’s Day is being celebrated by the younger generation only. There is no age limit for falling in love and there is no time limit for loving. So, Valentine’s Day can be celebrated by people of all age groups. The most important part of this celebration is presenting gifts to the loved ones. Nowadays chocolates have taken an important role in any Valentine’s Day gift. People believe that a Valentine’s Day gift will not be a complete one if it does not contain a piece of chocolate. Asbach chocolate has introduced special Valentine’s Day chocolates too.

After all love is a sweet thing and there is no other thing in the world other than fine chocolate which is sweeter and available in different blends. Any other sweet dishes may become bore if eat regularly as it has only one taste. But with different blends and flavors the sweetness of European chocolate differs form one another. This will make people to have as much as chocolate without getting bored with the taste. That is why the chocolate industry has flourished in a big way. You can say that the most profitable business in the food and confectionery sector is chocolate manufacturing.

Exotic chocolate always promotes wild fantasies and dreams. It may be the taste of it or the special features of some ingredients, but when ever you are having a fine chocolate , you will automatically get immersed in some sort of sweet dreams. Just imagine a full moon night.

You and your sweet heart is sitting alone on the banks of a slow flowing river. The reflection of the moon in the river will definitely induce the romance in you. When, she offers a piece of exotic chocolate, your heart will beat fast. The dreams and fantasies which you nourished for quite a long time are becoming real. You really love to hug her and caress her long hairs. A sweet kiss on her chin will always remind you about an old dream you had while tasting a piece of guittard wholesale

That is relation with chocolates and human beings. More than a food article it is more related to one’s moods and feelings. It is not just a food for your stomach. It fills your mind and heart too. Asbach chocolate and other chocolate manufacturers have realized this truth. That is why they are trying to give a human touch to every chocolate they manufacture.

Your love is not to start and end on a Valentine’s Day. It should last for the life. Enjoy the golden moments in the company of fine chocolate or exotic chocolate.

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What’s the Significance of Giving Chocolate on Valentine’s Day?

valentine's day chocolate

Giving gifts to your significant other on Valentine’s Day is a widely practiced custom, but why is the act of giving chocolate so popular?  Is it the unique melt-in-your-mouth taste?  Or perhaps the use as a possible erotic stimulant?  Whatever the reason for giving, chocolate consistently dominates the Valentine’s Day tradition year after year.

History of Chocolate as an Aphrodisiac

Chocolate has been considered a potent aphrodisiac by many for a long time.  Mayan emperors would drink chocolate as a way to satisfy the appetites within their harems while French courtesans would feed it to their lovers to encourage stamina and arousal.  As a ritualistic component to Mayan marriage ceremonies, the couples would feed each other chocolate in anticipation of their wedding night.

Pleasure Stimulating Chemicals to Give Love a Chance

The naturally occurring chemicals in chocolate may be exactly the thing to put your Valentine in the mood for love.  The theobromine and caffeine found in chocolate can increase your heartbeat and act as a stimulant.  Phenylehtylamine can simulate the effects of love while serotonin can elicit a sense of well-being.  The idea of giving the object of your desire such a potentially mood altering potion would makes chocolate seem like the only Valentine’s Day choice!

Nutritional Properties for a Healthy Heart

Pure dark chocolate is rich with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.  The effects the antioxidants can have on your heart include increased blood circulation, reduced cholesterol levels, and lowered risks of stroke and heart attack.  The magnesium, iron, and vitamin B found in chocolate can also help in preventing illness.  Whether this is a conscious reason lovers give chocolate as a gift or not, it’s certainly a thoughtful way to show you care.  Of course, to enjoy the nutritional benefits of chocolate, it should be consumed only in proper moderation.

Chocolate on the Valentine’s Day Market

For most of the year it’s women who tend to buy chocolate on a regular basis, however when Valentine’s Day rolls around the percentage of men purchasing chocolate jumps to around 75%.  Anyone who does any shopping during the Valentine’s Day season can’t help but notice the overwhelming varieties of chocolate available at that time.  Candy sales go up when love is in the air, so be it the encouragement of lustful desires or just the gesture of giving your sweet something sweet, chocolate at Valentine’s Day is a tradition that has yet to fail love-struck shoppers everywhere.

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