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How Chocolate Candy Bars are Made

How Chocolate Candy Bars are Made

It is late at night and you have been sleeping soundly for hours. Then, suddenly, a strange sound wakes you with a start. You begin to wonder, “Is there someone in the house? Do I need to grab a baseball bat and explore?”

Finally, you work up the courage and head downstairs, ready to take on the intruder. After a thorough search, you discover the culprit. You cat has simply knocked over a few pots and pans. You breathe a sigh of relief and start to head back upstairs to bed.

Then another thought hits you. After all, you are in the kitchen already, so why not have a delicious midnight snack?

For the most part, midnight snacks come in two categories: salty or sweet. Nobody is getting up and having a banana for a snack in the middle of the night. Nope, you are either having a bowl of salty chips, decadent ice cream, or a delicious and filling candy bar.

Candy bars are a fantastic snack that many of us take for granted. Half the time we just grab them on an impulse while waiting in line at the grocery store. We never consider, however, just how much time and effort goes into making such a handy and convenient treat.

The chocolate that you find in the store is the product of an incredibly long and complicated refining process. This process starts off bean pods that come from a tree called the Theobroma cacao. Aztec and Mayan cultures had a great respect for this food, and the name literally translates to “food of the gods.”

The Chocolate-Making Process

To start the process of making chocolate you must first harvest the cacao pods. These pods grow all over the tree, so to get them down you must chop them down with machetes by hand.

But you can’t just ship the pods out as-is from the tree. You must first split them open. This reveals the cocoa bean that lies inside.

After that, you must scrape at the beans and the sweet pulp that surrounds them. From there the pods are left to ferment for approximately two to eight days in baskets. This important step helps to mellow out the flavor of the beans. If you didn’t do that, they would be far too bitter to enjoy.

If you like a higher-quality chocolate bar, then you are probably eating something where the beans were left to ferment for much longer. This results in a fruity and floral flavor. Once finished fermenting, the cocoa harvesters spread them all out into one single layer. They then allow the cocoa to dry out completely in direct sunlight.

From there the beans are packaged and shipped out to the manufacturing plant. At the plant, they first roast the cocoa. This helps to bring out the most intense flavors and colors. Different types of beans require different times and temperatures of roasting.

After the roasting process is completed, it is time to put the beans in a winnower. This machine gets rid of the shells, leaving only the “nibs” of the bean. This is the best part of the cocoa bean, which is then ground into a rich and thick paste. This chocolate liquor (which contains no alcohol) is the building block of all chocolate products.

Once the liquor is produced, it is time to press it. The pressing removes the cocoa butter, and leaves behind a powdery disc, called a “cocoa presscake.” From there the process is different depending on what type of chocolate you are producing. In some cases, you re-add cocoa butter. In others, you add it to the conching machine to knead and massage the chocolate. From there it is tempered and wrapped into the candy bars you know and love!

Exciting New Varieties

Of course, there are all different delicious varieties of candy and candy bars. For one, the Tiramisu Bar is a delight that uses only the very finest chocolate all the way from Belgium. This exciting bar is made from the finest cocoa beans, and is an incredible imitation of an exotic dessert.

If you are a coffee enthusiast, then you probably know that chocolate actually contains trace amounts of caffeine. This makes sense when you think about it, because like coffee it is also derived from a bean. The delicious Espresso Bar is made from delicious Belgian chocolate that is combined with a little dash of energy-filled espresso. This candy bar truly combines the best of both worlds.

These are just two of the amazing, incredible varieties of chocolate bars that come in all different shapes and sizes. It is incredible to think that all of these delightful pieces of candy are produced from just one modest little cocoa bean! So the next time you are going to pick up a candy bar at the supermarket check-out, remember all the incredible work it took to get it there.

Andrea Mills is a freelance writer who writes about shopping and food products including candy bars.

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Chocolate Roses – Made Special with Belgian Chocolate

Chocolate Roses – Made Special with Belgian Chocolate

Are you thinking of a special idea to make your beloved feel special? It is time you think out-of-the-box and get something unique that pleases not just her heart, but also her taste buds. For instance, chocolate roses are just what the doctor ordered, as they are made from the world famous Belgian Chocolate. Although there are many such delicacies to think of, those made from Belgian chocolate are sure to win her heart.

Chocolate Roses: What is so special about Belgian Chocolate?
Belgian chocolate became popular in the 18th century; however, its worldwide popularity is credited to Jean Neuhaus who created its new version called “couverteur” in 1912.
Belgian chocolate, for many, is the gourmet standard by which they can measure other confections of chocolate. Even the world famous Swiss chocolate has inherited its recipes from Belgian chocolate and altered them later. Most Americans are familiar only with the basic standards of chocolates. For instance, Hershey’s Chocolate Bar is quite a favorite in America. However, eating a Belgian chocolate takes you on totally different journey. Although, it has been around for a long time now, it is still savored as a special treat. It is inherently rich and delicious.

Chocolate Roses: How Belgian Chocolates are Better Than the Rest?
Belgian chocolate is considered better than the rest due to its traditional manufacturing process. It is made from high-quality ingredients, using older equipment in small-scale dedicated shops. The process involves using grounded cocoa beans laced with cocoa butter and sugar, which is then tempered to smooth the mixture. Couverteur is available in tanker truck in heated form to retain the inherent quality and aroma of the chocolate.

Original and quality proven Belgian chocolate can be quite expensive.

However, its rich taste makes it priceless and way above the ordinary chocolate bars.

So, if you have decided to buy your beloved something priceless and original, invest in the exquisite Belgian chocolate roses. You can order the best roses single or a dozen packed in quality packaging material at ChocolateFavorWorld.com. At Chocolate Favor World, you get them in red, pink or yellow foil. You can further impress upon your beloved by having her name, picture or your anniversary date printed on the packaging.

Chocolate Favor World provides highest quality and mouthwatering chocolate rosesat reasonable rates.

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