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The Finest in Quality Dark & Belgian Chocolates

The Finest in Quality Dark & Belgian Chocolates

Chocolates are a delicacy which are made all round the world, and drive men and women (mostly women) crazy. Chocolates are irresistible.. They taste like heaven, and maybe people who eat them do experience heaven. Most of them say, nothing is better than chocolate, and it means nothing is really better than chocolate! Rich, gooey drops melting in the mouth, seriously, who can resist this temptation? No wonder they say, we can sinfully get lost in the temptation of chocolates. Unsweetened Chocolate, Cocoa Powder, Compound chocolate, raw chocolate, Milk chocolate, dark chocolate, white chocolate: which is your favourite?

From all over the world, the countries which are most popular for their skill in making chocolates, which has been carried down by heritage, traditionally preserving their recipes, are America, Canada, Ecuador, England, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Venezuela and Belgium. These have the finest chocolate producers on earth, and have craftsmen who have a genius mind when it comes to making chocolates.

One can shop for chocolate by brands, by the countries they are made, by specialty items or by gift types. Chocolates also have certain flavours blended in them, the most popular flavours being those of vanilla, coffee, mint, orange, raspberry, strawberry etc. There are also fillings of nuts such as Pistachio, Cashew almonds etc, dried fruits such as raisins, hazelnuts etc. These are the most popular and favorite ones. Amongst the many brands which promise to sell Belgian chocolate, the most exquisite and sophisticated ones the best in their fields are:

Godiva Chocolate (Belgian Chocolates & Chocolate bars) Cote d’Or Belgian Chocolates & Chocolate bars Callebaut Belgian Chocolates & Chocolate bars Belcolade Belgian Chocolates & Chocolate bars Cafe-Tasse Belgian Chocolates & Chocolate bars Galler Belgian Chocolates & Chocolate bars Nirvana Belgian Chocolates & Chocolate bars Chocó love Belgian Chocolates & Chocolate bars Dolfin Belgian Chocolates & Chocolate bars Hot chocolate Sticks Cavalier Belgian Chocolates & Chocolate bars There are much more range when it comes to Belgian Chocolates.

The Belgian Milk chocolates have a texture like no other, and a taste so fine and delicious that you wouldn’t want to have any other milk chocolate.

The dark chocolate is often also known as Semi Sweet Chocolate. This kind of chocolate mostly finds usage in cooking. It is composed of exactly half amount of sugar and half amount of cocoa which gives it the semi sweet flavour that has. The Semi sweet chocolate is also otherwise known as Bittersweet chocolate.

For those who want added fun with chocolates, liquor chocolates are the cue. Chocolates are in themselves intoxicating and sinful. When added with liquor, chocolates become a deadly combination, only to be enjoyed with pleasure and get melted in the sensual exotic feeling.

Chocolate is one of the most cherished and loved food in the world. It is versatile, pleases everybody and is most craved food of all times. Chocolates from Belgium are one of the best, the history and tradition behind them makes them what they are today. Belgium has been producing fine dark chocolates for centuries.

History of Belgian chocolate

Chocolate, which is made from seeds of cacao tree, was first discovered in South America about 2000 years ago. The Mayans and Aztecs are believed to have made a dark frothy drink from the seeds of the tree. The explorers from Spain found out about the drink and took seeds to their country and made it popular by introducing it in the royal court. Within 100 years of this introduction, new and innovative chocolate recipes spread all across Europe. In the 17th century when Belgium was ruled by Spain, chocolate was introduced in the royal courts, In 1885, Belgium’s king Leopold 2 colonized the Congo and took advantage of the native and abused them to get supply of cocoa seeds thus getting the phrase “the history of Belgian chocolate is not so sweet.” since then Belgium has become one of the frontrunners in producing the finest luxury chocolates in the world.

Belgian Chocolates

Callebaut is a baking chocolate and it is the most common ingredient of most chocolates from Belgium. It is produced by accompany called Barry Callebaut. It is a relatively new group started in 1996. Callebaut produces very high quality baking chocolate which has a characteristic sweet and strong taste.

The cocoa used for this chocolate is acquired from Cameroon, Brazil, Ghana, Mexico and Ivory Coast.

Cafe-Tasse is characterized by two main ideas, perfect chocolate which can be enjoyed while sipping coffee, the traditional way. The taste and blend is such that you can enjoy it specially with your coffee. It has become very popular with espresso sippers.

Cote d’Or is a bar chocolate. It was started by Charles Neuhaus in 1870. The cocoa seeds for this chocolate are acquired from Ghana, earlier called the Gold coast.

Cavalier is a producer and leader of dietetic chocolates. It was founded in 1996, its main aim is to produce healthy and delicious. They want to fulfill the demands of healthier chocolates.

Dolfin chocolates were introduced by Michael and Jean Poncelet. The main characteristic of this chocolate is its authentic taste. They are produced from the sources which are original and the taste is absolutely pure and authentic. They produce bars and Neopolitan chocolates.

Galler produces the praline filled bars. They are the official Royal Warrant holder for his artistic product. They produce the best high quality chocolate made by natural ingredients. They produce chocolate tablets and bars which have been made from exotic and finest cocoa acquired from areas in between tropic and equator.

New Tree is one of the most recent additions to the already existing, traditional brands of Belgian chocolates. This company has been started by a biochemist named Benoit de Bruyn. Belgium has been producing some of the best fine chocolates, in the whole world, liquor filled chocolates, mint flavored dark chocolates, truffles and the list goes on. MyReviewsNow

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