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Dark Chocolate and Health

Is there anything left out there that doctors have decided is not dangerous to eat. Well, yes – dark chocolate as long as you don’t eat too much. Dark chocolate has a surprising number of health benefits. For one, you may be able to lower your blood pressure by eating a few pieces of 70% chocolate.

Dark chocolate is also known as “bittersweet” or “semisweet” chocolate contains a high percentage (up to 75%) of cocoa solids, and little (or no) added sugar. Milk chocolate contains powdered or condensed milk; it is a sweet, mild-flavored type of chocolate. It contains approximately 20 percent cocoa solids. White chocolate is not classified as chocolate because it does not come from cocoa beans. However, it is made from cocoa butter to which milk, sugar, and vanilla extract have been added, and it is similar to chocolate in texture.

A few years ago researchers at Harvard discovered that the flavonoids that are present in cocoa help improve blood flow to the brain. One of the causes of mental decline as you age is decreased blood flow to the brain. As you can see dark chocolate has the highest percentage of cocoa therefore contains the largest concentration of flavonoids. Foods that contain high amounts of flavonoids include blueberries, cranberries, blackberries, red and yellow fruits (especially red grapes) and vegetables and red wine. Black and green teas are also high in flavonoids.

In a study at the University of California, San Francisco though both groups were given dark chocolate for two weeks, only one group received chocolate containing flavonoids. There were no flavonoids in the other groups chocolate bars. Dark chocolate contains a rather vigorous type of flavonoid called epicatechin. Epicatechin keeps cholesterol from accumulating in the blood vessels hence reducing the risk of stroke and heart disease. There is also evidence to support that they reduce the probability of cancer and diabetes.

At the end of the two weeks each group was tested to see how well the blood vessels dilate and relaxed which is considered an indicator of healthy blood vessel function. The test subjects that consumed the dark chocolate containing flavonoids performed better on the blood vessels test. Blood tests showed that high levels of epicatechin were moving through their arteries. Apparently the University of California study was the longest clinical trial to date using dark chocolate.

Another study done in Germany indicated that consuming dark chocolate can help lower blood pressure. One group was given white chocolate and one group dark chocolate. The test subjects who ate dark chocolate had a significant drop in blood pressure (by an average of 5 points for systolic and an average of 2 points for diastolic blood pressure). Those who ate white chocolate did not.

The only sad part of this story is that more is not better. You can’t eat all the dark chocolate you want. The people in the study ate about 3 ounces a day. Also try to buy dark chocolate bars that contain at least 70 percent cocoa content.
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The Superior Dark Chocolate Bar

by: Apple Tinao

The topnotch http://www.wheychocolate.com/lp/sugar-free-chocolate/dark-chocolate-bar is most specifically suspicious in several people’ eyes. In fact, several individuals don’t even love or wish it to begin with. Others admire the syrupy flavored white or milk chocolate bars to it and it is those milky chocolate bars, which have been the greatest marketers for years. Nonetheless, this form of chocolate bars has a tremendous revival in recognition in recent days and this is maybe connected to the fact that it has been discovered to contain few relatively pleasurable health benefits. moreover, it’s not any particularized dark chocolate product that is superb compare to any other chocolate products.

It is nowadays that many mainly white or milk chocolate bars. Thus, it is essential to distinguish some of the most dependable that are offered and discourse a few certain matters concerning every of the brands being talked about. Yet, before setting that, it’s crucial to talk about precisely what the divergence between dark chocolate bar than white or milk chocolate.

The only variance between these chocolate is that in white or milk chocolate, milk powder, milk or condensed milk is involved to offer it that creamy flavor. Dark chocolate bar just carry balance sugar and fat to it. It’s the flavonoids or more significantly the epicatechin, which is the substantial factor. In addition, this particular component is considered to be especiallyspecifically pleasurable for the heart. It acts to decrease blood clotting that may finally stimulate to blocked the arterial blood vessels and after heart attacks. Yet, this is provided that an intake of a dark chocolate bar is modified to a definite point that is 4 oz. per day. It precisely does not help if a person is able to eat up about one pound per day.

As far as the brilliant of this kind of dessert is concerned, there are significant amount of unalike dark chocolate bar purchasable in the market today, therefore opting for the optimum product will possibly be an issue of individual preference. There are bitter and sweet kinds. There are varieties that include nuts as well as fruits. Furthermore, many different forms contain various stages of measures of cocoa bean, the key component in most chocolate, which have distinctive flavors to them.

Although, when talking about a few of the most sold variants, the Whey chocolate dark chocolate bar comes out to be one of the optimal sellers, same to some of most admired dark chocolate bar merchandises. http://www.wheychocolate.com/ is a superior domestic brand and so is available where most, if not completely, confection is sold. Moreover, this kind of dark chocolate bar merchandise offers all the fundamental health nutrients that the body needs. People can admire eating Whey chocolate that includes diabetic patients because it’s secure and verified one of the nutritious chocolate products.
Apple Tinao has been involved with online marketing for nearly 4 years and likes to write on various subjects. Come visit his latest website which discusses of http://www.warriorwhey.com/ and http://defensenutrition.com/ for the owner of his own business.Our mission is to help people defend themselves against industrial and natural substances known for causing weight gain, hormonal disorders and cancer.

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The Healthiest Dark Chocolate

by: Apple Tinao

The optimum dark chocolate is for certain questionable in most individual’s eyes. In fact, countless people don’t even adore of suchlike to start with. Most select the thick milk chocolate as well as that those milk chocolate candy bars, which have been the best sellers for nearly years. Yet, this type of chocolate has a remarkable resurgence in adoration in recent days as well as this is maybe unite to the fact that it has been identified to have few comparatively admirable health benefits. Furthermore, it isn’t any particular dark chocolate merchandise that is excellent than any other products.

It is today that many outstanding milk chocolate. Hence, let us explore a couple of the superior that is tendered and disclose a couple of details regarding each of the merchandises being dealt. However, before moving, it’s critical to discover the difference between dark as well as milk chocolate.

The only dissimilarity between these two is that milk powder, milk or concentrated milks is involved in milk chocolate to supply a creamy taste. While http://www.wheychocolate.com/lp/sugar-free-chocolate/best-dark-chocolate only contain sugar and fat imparted to it. The flavonoids or more essentially the epicatechin is the nourishing component. Furthermore, it is the particular ingredient, which is viewed especially admirable for the heart. It functions to diminish the clotting of the blood, which eventually stimulating the clotting of the arteries and afterward heart attacks. Yet, this provide the level of dark chocolate consumption is restrained to 4 ounces a day. It for sure doesn’t help if a pound of chocolate is eaten day-to-day.

As far as the superb of this sort of confection is considered, there are overcoming amounts of distinct best dark chocolate purchasable on the market today, hence, resolving upon the brilliant ones will possibly be a matter of personal reference. There are sugared forms and bitter forms. There are kinds, which include fruits and nuts. Moreover, many dissimilar kinds have many degrees of amounts of cocoa bean, which is the crucial ingredient in chocolate with diverse flavors to them.

Nonetheless, when talking about a couple of of the most sold variants, the Whey chocolate seems to be one of the top-seller than other brand names. These products are becoming dominant native product and so are obtainable where most, if not completely, dessert is sold. Nonetheless, there are likewise various non-domestic brands, which are ready on the market now and that are also a little gratifying still aren’t widely accessible such as the http://www.wheychocolate.com/.
Apple Tinao has been involved with online marketing for nearly 4 years and likes to write on various subjects. Come visit his latest website which discusses of http://www.warriorwhey.com/ and http://defensenutrition.com/ for the owner of his own business.Our mission is to help people defend themselves against industrial and natural substances known for causing weight gain, hormonal disorders and cancer.

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Advantages of Best Dark Chocolate

by: Apple Tinao

As the country becomes more health concious and baby boomers living the majority, individuals are distinguishing various means in which certain foods are really positive to them. For various centuries, individuals have discovered the health benefit of the http://www.wheychocolate.com/lp/sugar-free-chocolate/best-dark-chocolate, still it looks as if the data is suddenly bringing this world by storm having the brilliant antioxidant demands.

The gains of best dark chocolate in humans wellness is absolutely making its way to the cutting edge and individuals are driven and taking remark. These dark chocolates have impressive ingredient properties. There are several analyzes, which signify dark chocolate reduces the blood pressure and is positive for heart ailment. These dark chocolates as well have been acknowledged to cut off appetite that makes it idyllic for dieters who are testing to deflect the sugar cravings.

One of the most important properties in a best dark chocolate is the flavonoids. These properties offer restrained gains with its stunning antioxidant potency. Antioxidants aid the cells fight impairment of all those disgusting free radicals roaming around inside the body. There’s no way to deflect free radicals as surroundings and a major contributor to the way we mature cause them. Human torsos unquestionably necessitate enough quantity of antioxidants to cut down this damage, still the fact is that many people are not getting in close the proposed amount.

This is where the dark chocolate appears and support numerous people. Almost everyone delights chocolate. Nonetheless, before attaining for those candy bars, there is a particular sort of chocolate, which is extremely preferential compare to others.

Most of the chocolate is refined and have sugars and fats that can harm the body and the rewards are gone. Cocoa in its purest sort is amicable to human before it goes through various chemical procedures and all of its antioxidant properties are eliminated. White and milk chocolate are absolutely out of the question and must be restrained if a person is seeking for health advantages.

Best dark chocolate is the only type of chocolate that restores high levels of flavonoids, yet most of these types still incorporate fats and sugars, diminishing the benefits. The perfect best sort of dark chocolate having antioxidant advantages is in its natural form, completely unrefined such as the products made from the http://www.wheychocolate.com/.
Apple Tinao has been involved with online marketing for nearly 4 years and likes to write on various subjects. Come visit his latest website which discusses of http://www.warriorwhey.com/ and http://defensenutrition.com/ for the owner of his own business. Our mission is to help people defend themselves against industrial and natural substances known for causing weight gain, hormonal disorders and cancer.

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Chocolate Processing – The Breakdown from Dark to White

What comes to mind when people think chocolate is usually the creamy, sweet, melts-in-your-mouth milk chocolate that you see coating most candy bars and other delicious chocolate treats.  Well, there’s cocoa in that too, but chocolate can come in many other forms as well.

Chocolate in its purest, least processed form is raw and that has the most nutritional value.  Powdered cocoa, cocoa nibs, and chocolate liquor are all forms of pure chocolate.  It’s chalked full of antioxidants and the purer you eat this stuff, the more nutrients you’ll get from it.

Unsweetened chocolate is a combination of cocoa solids and cocoa butter.  Still fairly pure, this is the least processed form of chocolate aside from raw cocoa.

The next level of chocolate processing is bittersweet chocolate.  Chocolate liquor with some sugar, a little more cocoa butter, and some vanilla are the basics to the bittersweet variety of chocolate.  Semisweet is a little sweeter, but both of these types would be used for mostly baking purpose as they’re very bitter and rarely eaten as is.

The dark chocolate you’d be more inclined to eat is still loaded with nutrients and antioxidants, but this type of chocolate will be a combination of chocolate liquor or cocoa solids and added fats and sugars.  The higher percentage of cocoa used, the more pure and bitter the chocolate will be.

Milk chocolate has the same components as dark chocolate but with varying levels of added milk products.  Powdered or condensed milk is often the milk ingredient used for milk chocolate manufacturing.  The milk greatly reduces the intensity of the chocolate flavour making it the much more popular choice in public consumption.

In some opinions of chocolate lovers around the world, white chocolate is not actually so much a form of chocolate as it is a confection.  It contains cocoa butter which is where its chocolaty name comes from, but no cocoa solids.  This type of chocolate offers the least nutrients and would be the least healthy of any form of chocolate.

Chocolate comes in all combinations of cocoa, milk, sugar, and fats.  Whether you love the bitter bite of the purest dark chocolate or the milky sweetness of white chocolate, there’s a perfect combination of ingredients out there for everyone.

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Health Benefits You Can Enjoy From Chocolate

Health Benefits You Can Enjoy From Chocolate

It may be possible to take some of the guilt out of enjoying one of your favourite foods because guess what, chocolate does have some healthy perks! Careful now, that doesn’t mean you should add a chocolate bar a day to your diet, but eating the right types of chocolate in moderation can be a guilt-free pleasure that helps prevent disease.

Eating the Right Kinds of Chocolate

A lot of the typical chocolate bars sitting next to the gum and newspapers in your local convenience store aren’t the going to meet the healthy chocolate standards. Milk and white chocolate has quite a bit of sugar, fat, and extra additives that give chocolate its “bad for you” reputation. Eating the pure dark chocolate with over 70% cocoa is the right way to benefit from indulging your chocolate craving. Organic dark chocolate is also an option if you want an even healthier approach to chocolate.

Where These Benefits Come From

Dark chocolate is loaded with antioxidants that come from the flavinoids found in pure cocoa. These antioxidants help to prevent cancer, heart disease, and a number of other illnesses. You’ll also be absorbing vitamins and minerals such as iron, magnesium, and vitamin B from eating dark chocolate. While dairy can inhibit the effects of antioxidants, dark chocolate is made with little or no dairy and can be enjoyed by those with dairy allergies or sensitivities.

Good for Your Heart and Body

The nutrients found in dark chocolate can promote a healthy heart and lessen your risk for disease. Because these nutrients can keep blood vessels flexible and reduce blood pressure the risk of stoke and heart attack is lower. Eating dark chocolate can also go so far as to help reduce cholesterol and keep joints lubricated.

Good for Your Mind

As most people would agree, eating chocolate has an undeniable therapeutic aspect. The endorphins chocolate releases in the body cause a pleasurable feeling that can act as an anti-depressant. The heightened mood that comes with a chunk or two of chocolate can go a long way to combating the effects of stress.

Lower in sugar and carbohydrates that lighter chocolate, dark chocolate can make an excellent sweet treat for diabetics or anyone else on a low-carb diet. However, for all chocolate lovers alike, moderation is the key to getting the most out of the benefits chocolate has to offer.

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