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Chocolate Brands Have Been Earning Fame all Over the World

Chocolate Brands Have Been Earning Fame all Over the World

This Colombian chocolate uses its finest cocoas to produce these mouth watering chocolates. The secret of making these most sought after chocolates is in the recipe and manufacturing process. These Santander chocolates have a personality of their own among all other chocolates. With its defined and sharp taste it has occupied top position in the chocolate market. It uses various kinds of cocoas and not just the ripped cocoas. Then these cocoas are mixed with different kinds of dried fruits, herbs and other fresh fruits such as strawberry and vanilla which goes on to produce the best.

Another world’s best chocolate is the Lake Champlain chocolates. The goal of these chocolate makers is to create something extraordinary. Vermont ingredients, such as maple syrup, honey, cream and butter, have always played a great role in making their chocolates. The best thing about Lake Champlain chocolates is that they use the best traditions of chocolate making with new flavours and techniques. Crafted in small batches, the chocolates have always been fresh and natural and the results have always astounded the world. These amazing chocolates do not contain any additives and shelf extenders so, it’s best also for the health conscious population.

In the chocolate kingdom we cannot miss the famous Callebaut chocolates as offers the customers with almost every kind of chocolates that customers look for in a chocolate.

These come in different shapes, sizes and names and accordingly the taste differs. You can think of fillings, decorations, chocolate mousse powder, sauces and toppings; alls there in the Callebaut chocolates, all’s there.

These chocolates have balanced milk, sugar, cocoa in all of its products and now they produce healthy chocolates. Other ingredients such as caramel, vanilla, butterscotch, vegetable fats, etc are also mixed in such a way that it produces the best out of it. As per the likes of the customers some chocolates are dark and bitter while some are chocolaty brown and milky. A chocolate lover cannot miss these Callebaut chocolates in their life.

Domori chocolates are yet another brand that has earned enough fame from their chocolate products. They believe in selecting the finest beans and roasting them to perfection. Unlike other companies they don’t use Vanilla in their chocolate. This Italian chocolate brand believes in simplicity and makes simple chocolates with sheer dedication and the end result is awesomely good. They have specialized in making sweet chocolates rather than the bitter dark chocolates. They use simple ingredients and don’t try to experiment much but having said that they don’t compromise on quality. They use the best of cocoas of the world and pure milk, butter and finest sugar crystals. World has moved onto next era and everything has changed but Domori chocolates have maintained the original tastes of the real chocolates. One can feel the good old days when they take a piece of heaven in their mouth. The exciting part is we can avail them at affordable prices online.

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Top 10 Brands Of Chocolate In The World

Top 10 Brands Of Chocolate In The World

Chocolate is one popular food all over the world, and there comes various kinds of chocolate. Chocolate is not only a delicious food to taste, but also a delicate gift to present. With the dazzling variety of chocolates, how do you choose just one? Here I’ll give you some advice: the world’s top 10 brands of chocolate in the past year.


Lindt was built in 1845 in Switzerland. With more than a history of 160 years, Lindt has become the top brand chocolate and sells its product among over 80 countries. Lindt chocolate is refined but not too sweet, so it’s a accepted by both the young and the old. NB: If you want to buy a bar of chocolate for your grandparents or other old men, please pay more attention to its 80% black chocolate, which is neither too bitter nor too sweet.


Guylian came to the world just 30 years ago, but it has win an international reputation after its foundation. Guylian has a heavily sweet taste, which usually mixes chocolate with milk. You can choose Guylian without hesitation if you are fond of sweet food. What’s more, the price of Guylian ranges from $ 4 to $ 50, you can have a huge selection to afford the one that suits you best.


Ferrero Rocher is a well-known chocolate sweet made in Italia. The spherical sweet consists of a totally-roasted hazelnut put in a thin round shell, which is full of cream and covered with milk chocolate.

Usually, they are singly packaged inside a gold-coloured wrapper. With such a golden-glint package, Ferrero Rocher alway offers an image of elegance. Apart from its precious decoration, the novel idea it presents also attracts a great number of consumers.


Dated back to last century, Maxinm’s is famous for its classic status. It’s a symbol of exquisite and graceful, being a elegant mythology in France. Maxinm’s has a series of productions, such as hazelnut-milk chocolate and milked-black chocolate, etc.. However, all of them have a feature in common: a high price. It is quite wonderful to send Maxinm’s as a gift to friends, but its a would cost you quite much money if you are apt to buy them to eat frequently.


Ducd’O is a kind of compound chocolates with three different tastes; they are milk chocolate, white chocolate and black chocolate. If you like a sweet favor, you can choose the white chocolate, I’m sure it will be as sweet as you like; if you prefer bitter to sweet, then you may enjoy black chocolate; if you want to taste both bitter and sweet, milk chocolate will be in quest.


The bright-coloured (white mixed with orange) package makes Kinder Buenq much more mild, and this kind of chocolate is relatively cheaper for a long-timed consuming. Due to its price advantage in the market, Kinder Buenq seems to be more popularized among the young. Meanwhile, the wafer-rounded chocolate tastes wonderful.


Dcosle is made in Belgium, a country which shares most famous chocolates in the world. Dcosle is a little sweet, but its beautiful shape and package often stand out to catch the eye of consumers. Generally, it’s designed for lovers; and as a result, it has successfully achieved its marketing objects.

8 M&M’s

M&M’s are candy-coated pieces of milk chocolate with the letter “M” printed on them. They are popular in the United States and many other countries. They contain several variations of the candies, including milk chocolate, peanut, mint, and dark chocolate (with or without peanuts). The chocolates are produced in brown, yellow,green, and many other colors which are colorful and interesting enough to be appealing to people.


Belgian, whose name develops from the country it comes- Belgium, has kept carrying on Belgian’s spirit of pursuing perfection and upgrading its technique to produce delicious and tasty chocolate. Nowadays, it has made various kinds of products to cater for consumers, you can go to have a look. Maybe there’s a surprise waiting for you!


Toffkfee is the largest production base for chocolate in Germany, and we can call it as the “classic” of Germany. Toffkfee has an ordinary favor, you can try to have a piece if you are not so captious. The price is quite low when compared with the others above.

The author is fond of chocolate and other kinds of delicious food. Therefore, she has written several articles on food and drinks. If you want to know more about that, you can go to www.pr80.com, where the author has published many aritcles.

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