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How to Melt Chocolate in a Microwave

How to Melt Chocolate in a Microwave

Melting chocolate in the microwave is the quickest and cleanest way there is. Here’s how to microwave chocolate with a simple guide.
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25 Responses to “How to Melt Chocolate in a Microwave”

  1. dualshock3 says:

    LOL I can’t even flip an egg, but this method worked in the first attempt XD
    I just cutted this huge chocolate letter in fine pieces, REALLY fine.. then
    I put these in my very cheap-lowbudget microwave and counted 15 seconds
    whenever I heated it up, stirred it well, repeated the process twice and
    voila.. chocolate mouse 😀 Thanx for sharing bro! Gonna make some sweet
    deserts stuff with this DIY dressing ;)

  2. Hedgehogcare Andtips says:

    haha i came to this video for marshmellows to!

  3. bodlehead says:


  4. hunterkiller9991 says:

    you can use a block of chocolate, put the chocolate in the microwave for 15
    seconds, mix the chocolate with a spoon and put it again for 15 seconds,
    repeat both 1 and 2 and you will get good chocolate

  5. YuneShik says:

    your microwave probably too stronk

  6. Emily Gregory says:

    lol i tried meltimg chocolate in the microwave,and hit cook instead,nearly
    blew up the microwave and completely destroyed the chocolate,thanks for the

  7. CantTroIIThis says:

    I fail

  8. sandybeach98 says:

    Thank you so much. I can now make chololate ganashe confidently. I followed
    your instructions for melting chocolate exactly.

  9. angel wateska says:

    i just put 3 little squares from a hershey bar in the microwave. put it on
    for 60 seconds. then mixed it up.

  10. Kelina Vu says:

    Time to make chocolate-covered strawberries 😀

  11. Morgan Mascolo says:

    This is very helpful! Me and my friend can now make chocolate molds for her
    grandma! Thx! ALOT!


    melt little peices, not a lump. there could be air inside which would heat,
    expand and explode

  13. Jenny Benny says:

    Bullshit. This never works! Every time I try to melt chocolate, it never
    works! It’s always clumpy. I just tried making peanut butter bars with
    chocolate on top. Yeah that was a disaster. So it’s just some clumpy
    chocolate on top and the rest is peanut butter.

  14. Tashawoox says:

    I only burn my chocolate 😛

  15. PeterCanham says:

    Really well put together, and easy to follow. Thank you!!… Jacqui

  16. alexinsc2008 says:

    Ahhh Thanks. I was waiting for the chocolate to look melted lol I went
    through about 8 bucks worth of chocolate before I came to this video.

  17. jejuneraccoon says:

    Dylan McDermott, you have really come through on this one. Thanks!

  18. Teresita Escalante says:

    i’ve tried this before and this won’t work!! :l i think the milk on the
    chocolate was burnt… i tried it with white chocolate… and then instead
    of melting the chocolate was darkened and hard… then it turned like sand!
    :l so weird!! :l someona knows a solution?? :l

  19. Brittany G says:

    Thank you for this, I’ve been trying to thin my chocolate all night. I
    stupidly rinsed my pots before putting the chocolate. I’ll send you a
    truffle. Lol

  20. sherlocked says:

    XD i tried melting chocolate in the microwave but the chocolate burned…..

  21. mark . m says:

    is there any microwave that DOESN”T come with turntable?? wow.

  22. mitchellroar says:

    Same microwave 😀

  23. vorkev1 says:

    i throw it in the miro wave in a bowl 1 bag chips with 1/2 stick butter
    stapit now and then and mix this works fine for me and i do it on high.


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