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Ghirardelli Chocolate Milk & Caramel Candy Bar

Ghirardelli Chocolate Milk & Caramel Candy Bar

Ghirardelli Chocolate Milk & Caramel Candy Bar

Get These Items From the Lucky Penny Shop! Product feature video for a Ghirardelli Chocol…
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29 Responses to “Ghirardelli Chocolate Milk & Caramel Candy Bar”

  1. Cynthia Avishegnath says:

    It’s not pronounced Gira-Deli.
    It’s pronounced ghiRar – Deli.

  2. Jocelynn Ethier says:

    Dave thank you for anwering me

  3. Mandy Dalton says:

    chocolate & caramel and chocolate and peanut butter are mine!

  4. jojocapone973 says:

    Lmao, look at yall greedy butts, lmao. Lusting after sweets lol. I can’t
    lie a brotha sitting over here doing the same thing lol. I’m on a YouTube
    food review marathon. But seriously if anyone can help me out with a candy
    bar, I will subscribe to your channel and review the candy you bought me.
    Fair trade I think.

  5. TheBarefootBird says:

    I like chocolate with cookie, caramel, and orange best. :)

  6. Hyo Jessamine says:

    Chocolate and cookie :)

  7. Mario Biancalana says:

    Hard “G” in “Ghirardellli”. 

  8. Jocelynn Ethier says:

    Chocolate with careaml

  9. aylaino09 says:

    I LOVE THOSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Ivo Shandor says:

    I am currently hooked on Silver Queen candy bars. I get the 5 dollar
    monster bar with cashews in it then scoop peanut butter out of the jar with
    it. I am going to get all kinds of fat but it is worth it. Bali, Indonesia

  11. Katie Rettke says:

    Chocolate mint

  12. Akia Almeida says:

    mi favorite combinations of chocolate is the soft candy and chocolate or
    only the chocolate bar

  13. Isaac TheBeastMarshall says:


  14. jake gord says:

    may favorite candy bar is oh henry!

  15. HatterSammy says:

    *drool* I must make my lover go buy me some ASAP… Every time you show
    chocolate I’m jealous … So goos

  16. animira567 says:

    You deserve more views! Cause your a great person!

  17. dominicanbeauty34 says:

    You know what i think of when I see a golden wrapper……=*}…… Charlie
    and the chocolate factory…..HEYSS YEAH!!!

  18. MysticJhn says:

    Favorite Chocolate Combination: Dark Chocolate + Cherry or Dark Chocolate +
    Orange. You’ve done chocolate and orange, but I don’t recall any chocolate
    and cherry. Can you please find an awesome dark chocolate and cherry bar or
    candy to review?

  19. kayla Delacruz says:

    Milk chocolate and strawberry filling. Keep up the good work

  20. Ali Casarino says:

    my mouth is just watering thinking about ir

  21. Ali Casarino says:

    chocolate raspberry

  22. Taina Wolf says:


  23. AGamingCokeBottle says:

    I live in The magical land named Sweden 😀 Where our meatballs and
    strawberries are DELIIIIIIIISH And we can choose 1 languege in school 😀
    French Spanish or German, we can choose, and we have Marabou and i like it
    plain… But i am laktoise intolarant(Dont know how to spell it) and i dont
    like candy. So i dont eat it TO often, but it happens :3 Oh By the way, i
    chose German ;P Oh and by the way one more time…. Luckypennyshop, you
    are: AWESOME! Coool 😉 And nice continue with being yourself 🙂

  24. シャア says:

    Its either chocolate and caramel or chocolate and mint.

  25. ronictheninja says:

    i wish i wasn’t allergic to everything

  26. Shailesh Mistry says:

    Yes this one is from San Francisco

  27. KARMEN RIVERA says:

    great vid wishi couls go

  28. THEDREW1156 says:

    If you buy these from walmart check the dates I have two videos on you tube
    about it I used to bring outdated product to the store manager now I hope
    an Obama voter buys them and gets sick and then has to get Obamacare


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