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Fine & Raw Chocolate

Warning: The video you are about to see contains subject matter that may cause uncontrollable cravings and drooling. We blame — and credit — Daniel Sklaar, t…

New book gives voice to cacao growers, chocolate makers and artisan chocolatiers around the world striving to protect endangered, best-tasting strains. Avail…
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28 Responses to “Fine & Raw Chocolate”

  1. keomadance says:

    We make chocolate like this at home all the time. You can find cacaopowder
    in every grocery store (and raw cacao powder in nature and organic stores),
    same goes for the coconut oil and the agave nectar, big supermarkets
    usually carry them and otherwise you can also buy them at an organic type
    store 😉

  2. StarGyrl says:

    It depends whereabouts in the world you reside. I’m in the UK and some raw
    ingredients aren’t accessible. I usually purchase them on the internet

  3. yumiko630 says:


  4. kostadin22 says:

    mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm aem lajk cokolad

  5. VeganGirl1011 says:

    must have it!

  6. foodispersonal says:

    This is the best chocolate ever. The bars look like bars, and break like
    bars, but melt in your mouth. Its unreal.

  7. simpleyetsublime says:

    Hi, did you temper the chocolate that you coated the bonbons with and what
    is the recipe for that chocolate. Thanks for helping to make the world a
    more vegan place to live.

  8. ecos889 says:

    @luvtwinkie1993 well coco powder, coconut oil and sea salt can be brought
    from the supermarket, however I am not sure about the nectar although that
    will probably be sold in a specialist food store of some kind

  9. honey june says:

    okay that was awesome and yummy

  10. Eduardo lugo says:

    I would certainly eat there like everyday!

  11. mariaperiwinkle says:

    what’s the encasing made from, cacao butter, cacao powder and agave (my

  12. gms9810 says:

    And you’d know what that looks like? Maybe you should tell your mommy and
    your daddy that you’ve been using their computer? learly you’re a child.

  13. Gr8stuffis says:

    Beware citizens… Most Agave Nectar is to the sugar industry, what soy, a
    well known hormone disruptor, was to the meat and dairy industry. The soy
    propaganda was so cleverly disseminated that even many health gurus bought
    into it. Same with Agave, which, almost always, is no better than HFCS.
    Google it.

  14. MishuTaste says:

    Where are the ladies of Daily Candy?

  15. Esther Ang says:

    Can i have this recipe please…

  16. Gr8stuffis says:

    BTW, beware of American distributed Himalayan Sea Salt, better to use gray
    salt or celtic salt. and I hate to burst bubbles but i predict one day the
    truth will come out that cacao is not the healthy option that it is being
    hyped to be. Better to find a good raw organic carob powder, which is
    getting harder and harder to find, due to this war on the American people
    where our food, water, air is being used against us. Not to mention
    irradiation and EMFs.

  17. Ellen Munsey says:

    Why isn’t this being made everywhere? I swear to god, can you imagine how
    much slimmer we’d all be? lol 😀

  18. merigo s says:

    wow i didnt know it was this easy to make , but i guess the ingredients are
    hard to get though

  19. rawlalabear says:

    YUMMMMMmmmmM! <3 thank You!

  20. Gr8stuffis says:

    This is not a hedonistic delight, but is a fast easy thing to do when
    you’re craving chocolate: Put a little Dr. Bonner’s whole kernel coconut
    oil in a dish, mix in a little organic stevia, a touch of celtic salt and
    organic vanilla, and a nice amount of raw organic carob powder. Mix it up
    and throw some organic manukka raisins in it. Enjoy ~

  21. notscooter952 says:

    But you can still dream! …Lance.

  22. Lauren Lumsden says:

    get in my belly!

  23. Zach J says:

    I said fuck you to the video after I started to drool uncontrolably

  24. Ecole Chocolat says:

    If you watched Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown Episode on Sunday, you got a
    small taste of what’s happening in the Maranon Valley of Peru. Learn the
    whole story in our book as well as what the implications are for the future
    of fine chocolate.

  25. Dan Gallagher says:

    So putting this in the budget for next month, I love your videos! 🙂


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