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DIY: Filled Chocolates!

To see all of the recipes, check out: Vlog channel:…

How Do They Put the Centers in Chocolates? is one of a series of short and snappy videos that reveal the mysteries behind how everyday things happen. Each of…

50 Responses to “DIY: Filled Chocolates!”

  1. sootherbs says:

    they all look pretty and that was the best, simple way of tempering
    chocolate thank you for sharing

  2. Domas Selezenevas says:

    Does Nutella work for peanutbutter? Or is peanutbutter is a little more

  3. jax neilson says:


  4. Lia Cammarata says:

    What kind of chocolate did you use? I want to make these but I know I need
    to use a premium chocolate, and cant think of any but Godvia!

  5. Niecy Harvey says:


  6. fadingdreams300 says:

    I don’t know how to make Cherry Cordials, but if I find or, or experiment
    and make something that is like it, I’ll let you know and post a video 🙂

  7. It's About Beauty says:

    Very helpful, thanks!

  8. kompkari923 says:

    Do you happen to know how to do Cherry Cordials, like the Cellas Cherry
    candy??? Im dying to make some but cannot figure it out.

  9. ThePielady123 says:

    Im gonna try this, but I might try melting marshmallow and a little butter
    to make it creamy.

  10. fadingdreams300 says:

    Thanks! Let me know how yours turn out 🙂

  11. thompson lorrie says:

    You did a great job!! Think I will make these!!

  12. fadingdreams300 says:

    yup, the pot has simmering water. I got the mold from Homesense (a store
    similar to TJMaxx in the usa) but I saw the same thing, but more expensive,
    at Michael’s Craft Store.

  13. fadingdreams300 says:

    aw thanks so much!!

  14. adam twomey says:

    Thanks, gona make my girlfriend some x

  15. CSLT99 says:

    WOW! Those look incredible! Great job 🙂 I think I’ll make some for my
    husband’s birthday then!

  16. fadingdreams300 says:

    haha I made sure to give a lot away, the day after I made them. And then
    told Chad he better eat them or there will be none left because I will eat
    them all! lol That got him eating them quickly!

  17. uglybobswife says:

    Yummy Christy … if i wasn’t afraid i’d eat them all i’d make some

  18. mojitomandee says:

    you did such a good job!! i would love to make these how ever my hubby and
    i are on a diet.

  19. flynnbrown2001 says:


  20. fadingdreams300 says:

    ooh I didn’t know it was called a bain marie. My cooking shows don’t
    usually go over that lol. Thanks for telling me 🙂

  21. Becky G says:

    Omg this looks so yummy,good idea! 🙂 Anyway I’d be really appy if you
    checked out my channel as well,thx if you do <3

  22. Yagn Huang says:

    it’s beautiful!

  23. Aryana Tremblay says:

    Thx for the recipes you put on your blog!!! I’ll try the peanut butter one!
    My man will love it!!! 😀

  24. Megsbeautyx0x says:

    this is soooo creative!! Can’t wait to try this xox

  25. Adda Jost says:

    they touched candies with fingers… ='( …

  26. theatregeek69321 says:

    Was this video supposed to gross me out? The sounds … :p

  27. Rashel Mendoza says:

    Ewwwwwww they touch them with their fingers. 

  28. Libby Holden says:

    National film board vvvvvv

  29. Mike Murray says:

    What does “NFB” stand for?

  30. MinecraftSoldiers1 says:

    The machine will get tired not you cause the machine does the 90% of the
    chocolate and you do the rest ….

  31. justin lee says:

    eeeeew they touched them with naked fingers!!

  32. rylanlwessel says:

    I liked the part with chocolate.

  33. Aimee Coleman says:

    nice to know that pattern comes from some lady sticking her fingers in my
    chocolate :/

  34. ScottyWired says:

    some kind of sickly yet delicious porno if you ask me

  35. feopew1 says:

    they dont wear gloves-_-…

  36. Archerwilly MC says:

    I dont see any oompa loompas?

  37. JasonDoesEggCraft says:


  38. WordsOfTheTeacher says:


  39. Brittany Branda says:

    Canadians, man.

  40. alienwizard5 says:

    Chocolate Factory, Directed by David Lynch

  41. Shelley McKittrick says:

    I don’t think they would be aloud you lick there fingers

  42. Tyh Tre says:

    where are sassy comments?

  43. Adam Shaw says:

    Hand-dipped Canadian chocolates… not what you think, seriously.

  44. عمر عمر says:

    هههه يمقن حاط وانت ماتدرين او القروش يروحن. 

  45. soso alj says:

    انا من يوم ماشفت الرجال حط الزبدة وكتلة السكر اللي فية قلت توووبة اكل
    شوكولاتة عز الله انتفخت ٥٠ كيلو في اليوم

  46. yoo0oone2 says:

    الله يلعن بليسهمم طاحت سعابيلي

  47. ahlam Almotairy says:

    I agree with you


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