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Caramel Filled Chocolates Recipe – Home Made Caramel Filling

Caramel Filled Chocolates Recipe. Home made caramel, and chocolate and a silicone mold make some beautiful caramel filled chocolates. Come on, let’s have som…


50 Responses to “Caramel Filled Chocolates Recipe – Home Made Caramel Filling”

  1. Hayden Dykes says:

    thank you for teaching me

  2. misslola essa says:

    can you tell me how did you made the Caramel pleaes

  3. Hayden Dykes says:

    i love it my name is hayden gmail me at haydenbird75

  4. Sherlyn Sim says:

    Caramel and chocolate…Mmmmmm!I can just taste it already!

  5. Candice S. says:

    with some nuts toffee omg added in the chocolate or caramel 🙂 its time to
    go to a bakers
    store and hit up the Wilton’s aisle 

  6. Sindhura Pothineni says:

    Wow that looks really delicious ,we can use any type of chocolate for this
    ? Which type tastes good sir I’m thinking bitter sweet right? Anyway Thanku
    for the video

  7. RDRowner says:

    Haha you should good voice and where did you get that silicone ice trey
    looking thing?

  8. RDRowner says:

    That’s awsome but you sound like the guy from south park that goes mmmmm k

  9. Sarah Le Moignan says:

    Lol. I’m gonna click thumbs up a zillion times.. Caramel AND chocolate,

  10. Jolene8 says:

    Great video. Getting them out is always a pain. Another great way is to
    mold a firmer caramel then dip in tempered chocolate. :)

  11. BakeLikeAPro says:

    Hello Dianne ! Thanks very much for your kind words 🙂 I’m glad you
    enjoyed my video recipe. Thank you for watching 🙂

  12. Dianne Fitzsimmons says:

    Fantastico ! Very concise instructions too. Thank you.

  13. BakeLikeAPro says:

    Hi Pinkcat ! They did not last very long LOL, they are super yummy, that’s
    all I can say 🙂 Thanks for watching !

  14. Pinkcat says:

    Is it just me or did you just want to eat them?!

  15. BakeLikeAPro says:

    yes absolutely ! I made these all the time, I just have not done a video
    recipe on this. I do have another video recipe where I fill these with
    Nutella. ( check my channel ) Thanks for watching 🙂

  16. BakeLikeAPro says:

    All chocolate that you scrape off a mold is always re-used, as long as you
    have a clean environment, and the chocolate drips onto new parchment paper,
    or waxed paper, it can be used again. Thanks for watching !

  17. BakeLikeAPro says:

    yes, check my channel 🙂 you can use the magnifying glass icon on my main
    channel to find recipes 🙂

  18. jkirklee says:

    can you use peanut butter

  19. Eileen Tay says:

    Do you reuse the chocolate that were drip out?:0

  20. BakeLikeAPro says:

    Hi chloemhughen, thank you 🙂

  21. chloemhughen says:

    they look really lice

  22. BakeLikeAPro says:

    check my channel, do a search for “Halloween” you’ll find a bunch 🙂

  23. Jessica ross says:

    Why don’t you make some Halloween goodies

  24. BakeLikeAPro says:

    In this recipe I used semi-sweet chocolate chips

  25. Paul Ngo says:

    Cheap luxury chocolates with corn syrup. hahaha

  26. SuperStarWaffles says:

    And then they taste like shit.

  27. usagi18 says:

    That music is WAAAAAAY too sexy

  28. xLiteNite7x says:

    what’s so luxurious about corn syrup?

  29. Evak Blades says:

    a week for a single box? that box better give me super powers

  30. dellboy2772 says:

    fuck your luxury chocolate i got a milky bar

  31. Sidhant Ranjith says:

    Mmm ,feel like eating it ….

  32. Oivia Hope says:

    I think I just got diabetes from watching this!

  33. Luma28 says:

    1:05 nooo, i wanna eat the whole piece, not bite sized!

  34. Hellof7 says:

    How boring those toppings are…

  35. Markus Wahlgren says:

    loreschocolates . com

  36. Tru Longyear says:

    I love buttercream!!!

  37. kyuzo9999 says:

    ups tuched it.. it’s mine now

  38. Matas0723 says:

    I want to eat 100 of those marshmallow chocolates!



  40. NekkedAsian says:

    I can fap to this.

  41. Heavenz says:

    They did pass on a second layer near the end.

  42. Mario Mastar says:

    Same way but skip the whole “make some random mold and pour chocolate over
    it.” (and “Add an outrageous price tag on it.” though lately, it’s hard to
    find chocolate without that second step I mentioned…)

  43. Maureen Flamini says:

    I hate the music I F

  44. merchant589 says:

    omg what chocolate is this called?! I WANT IT!!

  45. Randle Mackles says:

    Please take off these videos from youtube, they’re distracting me from my

  46. Ralph O O says:

    FORREST GUMP likes this video xD

  47. Nayly Razmi says:

    no second layer:(

  48. Rohan Zener says:

    Your life, however, is like a box of ACTIVE GRENADES!!!


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